Art and Craft : Waterfall card with Paper Folding

So,  Saanvi wants to congratulate her Dad on the big day.  And I get more work 😀  The only way she knows is to make a greeting card and this one – she browsed for 10 mins on youtube and showed me. Luckily, I keep chart papers one of each color at home – so it was done in a breeze. I didnt get rainbow colors, just some 7 colors.

All you need – 7 different color chartpapers, black chartpaper, scale, scissors and glue.  Saanvi did everything except drawing the squares and rectangles needed for the activity.  When you see the end result, you’ll be so amazed that its so simple to make!

We made 2 cards – one for daddy for one for herself.  Lots of fun!  If you have a toddler  you might need to handhold but for 6 / 7 yrs – its little on challenging side and hugely satisfying once they are done!