Exercise & Mental Health

I’ve come across this amazing TED Talk by a British Diver Leon Taylor.  He is an Olympian and this talk is about how exercise is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your mental health.  He  also funnily says,  Thinking is the cause of most the problems, and people should stay more in their bodies than in their heads.

I cannot agree more. The days I have felt most shitty are the days I have not moved at all. I recently started yoga thrice a week, and its something I really enjoy doing. I push myself harder and  it makes me feel accomplished – early on in the day.

Recently, I picked up swimming too  –  couples of classes down. Few more months to go,  I should have learnt it as a lifeskill.  I really liked swimming in the first few classes I went, and then kids exams and sick nesses gave a nice good break to the classes.

I tried  zumba, and ended up with an extra bone on my leg.  It didn’t suit me at all, although I tried it rigorously for 3 months.  So, that’s not for me.

There are few more things I always wanted to try, but I think it’s gonna be Yoga and Swimming for me.  Mostly, to workout on the alternate days. A walk of 30 mins will definitely do me good every single day.  All by myself.

Here’s the talk –


If you stumble by my blog, please do watch this.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!