Breakfast : Cowpea Dosa

So, I was guilty yesterday. You know why?  Ofcourse not. I will tell you. My beloved beans  – cowpeas was sitting idle in my kitchen. It’s been a while I ate cow pea salad, sprouts or atleast curry with chapati.  How  could I? I know, I have been little off from regular stuff these days – but how could I ?  At home, the most common recipe with cow peas is Cow pea vada, but that’s LOOOOT of  OIL. It’s not that I don’t eat –  I’m quite generous with the amount of oil that gets used in the kitchen. But – yesterday I just wasn’t in the mood.  So, I turned to the Mr. Know It All –  Google to figure out what else to do.  And it had the answer , as always – DOSA 🙂

During my random browsing, I figured out –  you could make dosa out of anything and everything. So, if nothing else works out – soak the damn thing, grind it and make a dosa!

I did the exact same thing – Soaked cow peas. Grinded with green chilli, garlic, ginger, jeera and salt.  And made a dosa:) In telugu, this is fondly called as “Alasandala Attu”.

Cowpea DosaMy family loved it. Verdict – 5/5 , gonna be a regular from now on.

Pick up the actual recipe from here –