“I’m so relieved that all the reports are good”, I told my mother in law.

With a stubbornness I never knew I posessed, I took my mother in law for a full body check-up on sunday. With the consultation yesterday, all looked good except known issues.

“I should eat early at night.”, she sighed after hearing my bright remarks about the report.

“Who’s stopping you?”,  I quipped back, fully knowing the answer, armed with an experience of 10 yrs playing the same game.

“I don’t do anything after I finish my dinner. You know that, and I can’t do anything”.

She was busy arranging vessels after the maid left. Cooking oats for my lunch, I answered her back – “With my job, It’s not possible to be home by 7. If you are worried about kids dinner, that is mostly going to be on you – atleast half of it. When it’s a daily routine, why are you not eating your dinner by 7?”

“You know I cannot do that”, she was now getting restless.

“Don’t place your dependency on others and tell me why you can’t do it. If your health is priority, of course you will do it.”.  I rest my case, as my husband who was eating  his upma almost ate me with his eyes.”Don’t do that mistake”, he was silently scolding me.

As with other things at home, I gave her my piece of mind and stormed to cab. With no helmet, I’m still coming by cab instead of my lovely two wheeler. May be tomorrow.

“No resourcing available to do what I want”…

“No clear R & R available for me, nor others available to me..”.

All valid scenarios but that is where the difference between you and other people end, I told myself. If you are also cribbing the same stuff as others – how good are you then?

People who survive regardless of situations are called winners. I want to be one.

2017 January Food Diary

January 3rd :

Hung Curd Cutlets  :  http://www.yes-icancook.com/2013/10/dahi-kabab-kababs-made-with-hung-curd.html

Verdict : 5/5

Radish Capsicum Curry:  http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/2014/07/radish-capsicum-masala-recipe-radish.html

Verdict:  4/5

January 4th :


Verdict : 5/5

January 5th :


Verdict:  5/5

January 5th :


January 8th:

Bajra Khichdi


Verdict:  3/5


2017 Food Diary

I learnt late last year that my cook can read english. And My mom lost weight by eating fox tail millet like crazy. So, I decided to put stuff to good use. Now, this year –  I will take recipe printouts and tell her what to do. So, we get to eat variety without sweating out.

I will try and chronicle the recipes we try everyday, so it remains a record for days to try.


2017 : New Year, New Beginnings

Dear Diary,

What to write, when you have so many things to write. Extremely grateful for 2016 – the change and the grind. Coming face to face with things I’m absolutely not good at. Keeping up sanity with meditation. Catching up with kids end of the year.  I still go with – “Whatever keeps happening, is for your own good.”

This year, the focus is on –

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, in terms of food habits

Adopting  exercise as a habit, thrice a week

Continue my habit of meditation

Plan time to vinod, kids and parents in my schedule

Read More Books.

Watch more Standup comedy.

Watch art movies.

Create something –  A Tool, An App or something I can be proud of.


Be An Indian : Short Film Review


After a grilling call with my seniors where I had to take a lot of action items on me and with a hungry tummy at 11:45 PM at night, I wanted to finish my today’s quota of short film. Stumbled across this one, they got it right.

You don’t need to have reasons to love your country, respect elders and treat fellow country men as brothers and sisters. Very beautiful sequencing of events, and the end is good.

Rating: 5/5

Pellichoopulu : Movie Review

Finally, after very very long – managed to go to a movie with family. Superb!

Enjoyed the refreshing honesty in the movie’s lead characters, and the way they do not change till the end. No drama – but all the conflicts conveyed and addressed superbly.

Kudos to the hero’s friends for keeping the movie light, while some heart tugging scenes fill up tears in your eyes.

Must watch!