Web Series Review : Little Things Season 1

Coming late 2016, this web series is from the house of Dice Media.  Written by Dhruv Sehgal and directed by Ajay Bhuyan, this web series has 5 episodes.  Starring ‘Girl in the City’ girl Mithila Palkar(Kavya)with writer Saheb Dhruv( also as Dhruv in the series)  – this web series tries to take us through the little things in the life of a young couple in live-in.

Each episode talks about a particular day in their lives. About a lazy sunday while others are chilling out, about how they make up to each other after a silly fight in the morning, about a spoiled dinner plan and likes.  There’s no story at all – it’s just regular conversations.  Instead of listening to your friends, you watch these two on the screen.  The last episode reveals how they also get serious and not only do silly things together – I thought that wasn’t a good ending. They can keep talking silly things without getting serious – dude, that’s the theme anyway?!

There’s nothing wrong with the web series, but too simple for my taste.  Look at Pushpavalli or Inside Edge – I think I am more for drama than everyday chatter and banter.  I liked Dhruv more than Kavya in this – his mannerisms were carved out really well.

Watch it if you are in teens and are in love with someone. Otherwise, just give a miss.

Rating – 8/10

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Web Series Review : Untag

This web series, coming from the nest of Voot has an impressive story line. It’s about the tags we give ourselves based on how we are or how we look , more than what we are capable of or how we feel.  Primarily dealing with the feeling of being “FAT” and hence bound by the belief of not being good enough for anyone – it also tackles the issues of being gay in this democratic country.

This web series has 6 episodes, each with a run time of 19 minutes each. Starring Anjali Anand(Shikha), Meiyang Chang( Nischay), Dipanita Sharma Atwal(Anahita), Andy Kumar(Cyrus),  Navin Polishetty( Sumit) and Shiv Pandit(Prithvi) and directed by Ashima Chibber – this is a breath of fresh air.

Shikha is a fat lady who just goes through a breakup. She stays with Nischay,a gay guy who isn’t apologetic of who he is. As time progresses, we see Shikha fall in love with a hot guy from rival marketing agency and Nischay finding love in a closet gay who will never come out, no matter what.

Let’s get this straight. In this world of fairness creams and 6-pack abs, it takes a lot more than just being funny to like a really fat girl. That part isn’t developed at all – it can’t be some random scenes of picking cactus and coming under the car.  On the other hand, Nischay and Sumit’s chemistry is shown well – Sumit shines really well and someone who can’t admit who’s gay but finds his true love nevertheless.  The way Shikha is told that she needs to stop hating herself because she is fat and unloveworthy, and how Nischay gets accepted by parents – are the highlight scenes of the webseries. Anyday, gay episodes win over shikha’s episodes.

Except these characters – every other character is un necessary.  Why is it important for every web series to have a boss who is young, ruthless woman? And why spread the web series so thin that you don’t know why majority of the  characters exist at all? The makers would have done a favour by just taking two tags – fat and gay and exploring in more depth. This web series is like stopping by Baskin Robbins and asking for taste of Vanilla, Honey Nut Crunch and Almond Praline Cream. So, in the end – you do know how they taste like, but you haven’t experienced anything in detail.

One time watch.

Rating : 6/10

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Web Series Review: It’s not that Simple

This was released last 2016 and I watched it early 2017 when I was discovering my new love towards alternate content. I never watched TV a lot, partly because the content that was played at my home wasn’t to my taste and I stayed a lot in hostels and PGs during the age where you unwind in front of TV after a day’s work.

So, this is 6 episode web series directed by Danish Aslam, each about 25 minutes. Starring the gorgeous Swara Bhaskar(Meera)  in lead role,  it has strong supporting cast of Karanveer Mehra( Jayesh) and her two school time friends Vivan Bhatena( Rajeev) and Akshay Oberai( Sameer).

Already stuck in an unhappy marriage, Meera leaves her MIT Education because her husband doesn’t get it.  She isn’t looking for affair, but she is also not sure what to do with her marriage.  School reunion happens  just in time and her old almost-boyfriends from school meet her. Sameer is married with triplets and  Rajeev is still divorced.

The show shows how she starts going out with her school crushes just to lighten up her life a bit, and how things turn into an affair-mode with the most un-guessing Sameer, while Rajeev is more upfront about his obsession with Meera. She just starts harmless flirting with the guys starting turning more serious.

The end shows the confrontation between Meera & her husband Jayesh and finally she separates from him and stays with her daughter. Music is beautiful, and the delicate of expressions have been brought out very nicely by the actors.  Meera has a love marriage, and Jayesh’s characterization is typical Indian male – nothing surprising.  After all, a women has the right to choose what she wants, and all she wants – RESPECT.

It is little hard to digest that she could digress into an affair while being married, but it just shows the desperation a person can go through when staying in a toxic relationship for a very long time – a little bit of warmth and appreciation can take them astray very soon.  There’s a parallel thread of Sameer & his wife – who wants to stay married even through there’s love.  There’s a good section of society who are married but lie to their partners and think it’s perfectly okay to do so

The entire web series theme can be summed up as below –

Situations get complicated because we are afraid to take decisions.
We need to answer only one question – What makes me happy?
Until you figure this out yourself, you can’t really tell anyone else.

Marriages start on love, but it is hard work to keep the love in the marriage intact. And it is very well worth it. Watch it for its brilliant screenplay.

Review : 10/10

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Web Series Review : Girl in the City Chapter 2

So, this one came out mid 2017 as a sequel to Girl in the City in 2016. That one was in itself an average affair, so I was interested to see what the makers are upto.

Talk about going from bad to worse. This web series directed by Samar Iqbal is 13 episodes long, and each averaging to 15 minutes. The most noteworthy thing are the advertisements plastered all over so shamelessly.  Avan from last series gets converted to Areem, and his brother who again run a fashion house and use her as shadow for ever-running-from-home Areem.  What follows are screams, insults and non committal kartik coming back to Meera and going away.  As if the makers have realized they are going to lose the audience, we have a look-stupid date scene with the Brother and some oh-i-think-its-funny scenes that made me yawn.

The series should be labeled – “Siblings in the City”  because that’s what it’s all about. The ending – where Areem has a heart change is because her brother will lose faith on her, nothing specific to how fantastic Meera is as a person, or at her work.  The characters are forced on you and they never grow up. Episode after episode – they do the same thing on the screen, just different clothes and locales.

Karanvir Sharma and Preetika Chawla play the siblings and they are good actors wasted in a horribly bad script.  Mithila Palkar is only to blame to do a sequel which is not even as good as the first one. Why choose the same script with different characters?

Thoroughly disappointing affair, just stay away.

Rating:  4/10

If you still like Mithila’s hair , catch it here –

Web Series Review : Girl in the City

I watched this in 2016 winter,  and remembered just in time to write a review.  And I forgot it almost – so I binge watched again. Produced on the banner of “Bindaas”  this is a 13 episode web series( each 15 minutes long involving product placements, rewind and credits!!)  mainly casting  Mithila Palkar.  Written by Sanyukta Chawla Shaikh,  this revolves around a 21-year old Dehradun girl coming to Big Bad Mumbai for a 3 month free internship.

How does the web series fare? Full marks for Mithila – she cannot potray a wide range of emotions but she is good in scenes which require her to pause, take a look at the actor in front of her and then react. All the emotional scenes have been brilliant. There’s a plot which gets heavy towards the end of the web series, by which all the viewers have got fed up of the product placements that keep coming.  Perhaps the biggest complaint from me is the uneven flow of the web series, and the too-cliched potrayal of fashion houses.  A demanding boss, a psycho designer and some characters requiring pity. The girl comes,  has good ideas and gets cut short every time until lo- at the end she skips 4 levels to be offered a designer. Even Cliche to have a guy hanging around in a flat shared by two girls, and as you now one more cliche – a boy and a girl can never be friends! Tired and sick.

Swati Vatsa and Rajat Barmecha are totally totally wasted, they should get more depth in their characters – if only the run time of web series was longer.  The directors throwed in some kisses – which appear out of nowhere, and are more in hurry than passion. No character develops enough in front of you, to understand what they are upto, and why.

Too bland for my taste.

Review – 5/10

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Web Series Review : Inside Edge

The last memories I have of watching cricket are in my school days. With my dad on my side and popcorn on the other – we watched India – Pakistan nail biting matches. This was the only sport I grew up watching – however I’ve played lot others like Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Volley ball during my childhood. Come Salwar Kameez, I put a voluntary stop to all my sports and became a book worm instead. I know I know, it’s not about me right?  Yeah, but some things have the impact of bringing back your sweetest memories, and if I don’t pen them down here – what am I doing? 😉

Inside Edge is an edgy 10 – episode web series primarily starring Vivek Oberai, Richa Chadha and Sayani Gupta.  Each episode is 45 minutes long, almost twice the regular web series episode run time.  There’s so much drama and story that unfolds in front of you – 45 minutes just goes away like a breeze.

This web series is about Mumbai Mavericks, T20 Cricket Franchise playing in a fictional Power Play League.  Richa Chadha is the owner of the franchise and is shown looking for a new co-owner. Meet the ruthless, suave Vivek Oberai – who has love for money and only money and plays all his moves to get more of it.  The cricket team has a dashing sports player, a cool headed captain, a bihari new comer and a bihari veteran who knows how to respond to betting interests.  How Vivek Oberai lures the team into betting, and how young talent is trapped despite their best efforts to get out – and how the noblest of people have their deepest, darkest secrets played out against them.

I thorougly enjoyed this web series – it is not fair to reveal any story line here.  The entire thread involving Sayani Gupta is awesome – how numbers reveal what is not visible to plain sight, and how tech can be used to plan strategy against your rival teams. Gone are the brute force days.

I’ve become a fan of Richa Chadha after this web series – added a line item in my bucket list to see more of her work.  Absolutely fantastic work!

Review: 10/10

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Web Series Review : Official Chukyagiri

This was one of the first webseries I watched and how I hated it!  I even left a comment on their last episode that it’s pretty average.  Okay, I know I said the verdict waay earlier than it should be – but can’t resist.

First things First.  This is a 5 -episode web series by Arre Media House, directed by Amritpal Singh Bindra and Sizil Srivastava. Each episode is roughly 25 minutes long.  This has a decent casting – Sunny Kaushal( Spandan Chukya – the central character), Aahana Kumra( Rati), Milli( Mithila Palkar) , Anand Tiwari( Ganesh)  and Gopal Datt( Chacha) and a guest appearance by Mr. D ( Sumeet Vyas)

Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong in this episode. Despite my very optimistic thought processes – I cannot find anything to appreciate in this 5-episode web series.  Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong in any of the actors – they have done perfectly what they have been told. Just that, the story and the direction are so pathetic that even super stars cannot save this one.  A quick scroll through youtube comments shows the common sense viewers have tried to put into makers all through the episodes – which never went into their head.

I’ll save myself trouble of listing what’s wrong – because everything is!  Do yourself a favour and stay away!!

For once, I’ll refrain from even giving a link to the webseries because I am your well wisher and don’t want you to watch this one AT ALL.

Review :  0/10