One question every entrepreneur need to ask while hiring

Bangalore has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, I am grateful for the time they spend telling me their stories. One person I met yesterday gave me the most Profound experience possible, related to startup hiring.

For a corporate job, any motivation is okay. Because, if you do the minimum work you are suppose to do, you can still get on. Ask me for countless examples. But, for a startup – you need to know what the employee’s motivation is.

Ask this question –

What motivates you to join us?
See what they respond with. Read between the lines.

I didn’t and can confidently say I did few recruiting blunders.

Stay aware! Motivation & dedication can make or break a person.

Have a rocking day ahead!

TTP : What goes around, comes around!

TheTechPanda300x100¬†I’m a big believer in Karma – what goes around, comes around manifold. In that context, it is always wise to keep doing good, isn’t it? ūüôā ¬†Strange things keep happening to me from time to time, which further strengthen my belief that no matter what the explanation, ALWAYS DO GOOD.

This story is so important to me, that I chose to record this incident as a happy memory for times to come. Until Prateek left for MBA,  he and the rest of us managed to keep up the site very well, without any external help.  When Prateek left to college and two members of the team decided to part ways, I was still working from home and had a busy hectic schedule already. We badly needed another resource who would share our workload and be as passionate as us towards TTP.

We just had couple of days for Prateek to go and no replacement found. Suddenly, I get a call from Prateek saying that S, a guy who is involved with TTP since early days but mostly on backend saw our AD on hasgeek and called up to ask if he would be considered for the role. We were so surprised and thrilled!  We hired him immediately and he worked with us for around 4 months now. It was S & me running the show and he did his best in getting the startup stories out.  He was a twitter fanatic and maintained a really rockstar TTP twitter account.

When we thought all was well, S has some personal issues and could not continue with us any longer. We were just 3 people and such a close knit team – I didn’t knew which way we should take next. Hire Full time employees or interns? ¬†New comers or experienced? Hyderabad or Bangalore? ¬†The fact that I would be joining full time office in Bangalore from next week was a very worrying factor – ¬†we would lose all the credibility we created so far with all our hard work. ¬†2 days for Suhail to go, and we couldn’t manage to close the position. We had shortlisted few interns but I had the JD clearly in mind and wanted one single person who could manage the entire stuff without supervision from his own place.

It is said that, when you want something very badly – the entire Universe conspires to get it done for you. I’m member of an awesome community called, ¬†and whenever I get some time , I try to interview other guys that do awesome work in their respective areas. ¬†So, I was interviewing V for an app he developed, and it was sitting at #2 in ¬†AppStore. So, he called me up if I could feature his app on that day. Trust me, that was my most hectic day in all these couple of weeks – somehow, I just had things lined up both personal and professional all on that day. After V’s phone call – I decided to keep everything aside and help him out. ¬†Managed to do a feature of his app, which was well received and finally it ended up on Alok Kejriwal’s ¬†FB wall – which got it great visibility.

K, a friend of Alok saw the post and friended me on FB. ¬†K is a freelancer and with strong startup background. On the day before S’s last day, I decided to give the recruitment one last shot by posting on couple of FB groups and my own timeline. K saw it, and pinged me immediately. B, who is known to help everyone who approaches him also told him about me & the opportunity it seems. ¬†After I saw K’s CV and spoke to him that very evening – I was a very relieved person. We found replacement for S on the last day.

Today is S’s last day and K is starting to work for us from tomorrow. ¬†I strongly believe that, this is a chain reaction triggered by a simple gesture of help. What I thought would be a really difficult transition seems so easy. ¬†Universe has really transpired with me!

Although we still have really long way to go, it feels good to note that we are making progress, although little by little. Wish us good luck!!

Have a great day and keep rocking!

Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Alok KejriwalI am not a fan of people worship. Being staff writer at TheTechPanda and focusing on startups, I did quite number of interviews with startup founders. Now, I had the sudden desire to interview leading personalities in Indian Startup eco system. Within minutes of my search, Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal was all over my google results on the first page – Quora, Rodinhoods and interviews given to various Indian Startup websites.

Being the curious cat I am, I did diligently read all the posts and ¬†decided that he is the “one” to be interviewed. I shooted him an email asking him if he would like to an interview for which I got an affirmative answer the next day. My joy know no bounds. When I shared this with my team at TheTechPanda, they all were super excited. Prateek, the chief editor was visibly excited! We all compiled the list of questions I would ask Alok when i get a chance to interview him. ¬†Days went on and I sent him a reminder email. No response yet. I started following Rodinhoods website and followed Alok on facebook. Since then, his name pops up on my sparse news feed multiple time every single day. The same on twitter. I kept thinking to myself on whether i should ask this really busy person once again. Not that i don’t want to – but didn’t really wanted to appear desperate. One day, a really funny thing happened. I conducted the entire interview, nervously. Alok was exactly the same as i imagined – ¬†crude and downright funny. After i finished the interview – i woke up too, only to realize i had been dreaming of the interview. Not so funny ūüė¶

Now, i still did not get a chance to interview Alok. I am optimistic I will, because of his warmth and easy availability to normal public. This post is just to urge all Indian Entrepreneurs to look at what Alok has to say. His marwari style will bowl you and his spiritual side will soothe you. No matter what, Alok is the perfect bill for Indian Entrepreneurs who also like people worship. You can hate alok, you can love alok but you cannot ignore him.

Visit his website here:

Visit his awesome community here:

Have a great day and keep rocking!!