Short Film Review : BulBul

I glanced through the Jio Short Film Film fare awards list.  And wanted to watch them ALL – as usual, thanks to my obsessive nature. Starting with comedy first,  I picked up this 25 minute short film.

Starring Divya Khosla Kumar, Shiv Pandit( of Untag web series) and Elli AvrRam, this short film is released on Dec 6th 2017, and has gathered quite impressive comments below the film.  It shows quite musically, how crazy unrequited love can turn a person.  It’s even funny when it’s a girl.

Watch it for the endearing expressions, fantastic music and much-realistic ending.

Rating – 10/10

Short Film Review : Lift

Do you guys like Imtiaz Ali’s direction? I do.  The way he brings up nuances in love, life and relationships is very realistic and scary.  Don’t believe me? Watch Tamasha. What has Imtiaz Ali got to do with the review of this short film?  This short is written and directed by Ida Ali, 15-yr old daughter of Imtiaz Ali. Shot entirely in lift – this got good digital medium coverage, around the time of release.

Duration of the film is 12 minutes. It’s about a love story that starts, drifts away and restarts in lift.  Apart from the the fact that, we only get to see  characters coming in and out of gift, I frankly did not find anything novel or gripping or breath taking.

Watch it if you must.  Rating : 2/5



Short Film Review : Girgit(The Chameleon)

If there’s one thing you are going to watch on the Internet today – Watch this 😀

The premise of the short film is a pair of policeman trying to help a guy bit by a dog. Depending on whose dog bit him – the answers policeman change and how! There are more subtle things – if you have the eyes to notice 🙂   It’s based on an old play and does perfect justice to it through its gripping narration.

Rating : 5/5

Review : Dark Brew Short Film Ft. Vinay Pathak

My day typically ends with watching a short film. Decided to start posting reviews here as well. Picked this one because of Vinay Pathak. He proved to me that even good actors can make mistakes while choosing scripts.

I don’t know how to even try to explain the scenario where his intent of two timing is shown. Skip it and save your time.

There is only one aspect worth noting – he gets the outside-marriage-girls name wrong as well. Which means,  he is a habitual cheater, not in a relationship he cannot explain.

Rating : 1/5, and that is out of respect for Vinay Pathak. Just stay away!!

Short Film Review : The School Bag

While I watch a lot of short films, have never chronicled and recorded my thoughts around that.  Starting with this critically acclaimed short, that got lot of fame in the recent past.



15 minutes long. Mother and son.  Close up shots and genuine emotions on the face.  While I do not want to spoil the fun by revealing what it is – the director has taken a real life incident and narrated it on a personal level. Terrorism kills – even at home.

Watch it.

Awesomesaras rating:  5/5

Short Film Review :Be An Indian


After a grilling call with my seniors where I had to take a lot of action items on me and with a hungry tummy at 11:45 PM at night, I wanted to finish my today’s quota of short film. Stumbled across this one, they got it right.

You don’t need to have reasons to love your country, respect elders and treat fellow country men as brothers and sisters. Very beautiful sequencing of events, and the end is good.

Rating: 5/5