Soni Movie Review


It’s the season for movies. When you stop doing certain things you are very very used to from a long time, a void gets created in life. To fill it, movies are the one of the option. And when you can’t tolerate a movie like Simmba – you go for the more easier option – Pick and choose on OTT platforms.

Saw this new release on Netflix and the raving reviews on Internet. So spent time watching it.  The film revolves around the lives of two police women – a junior and  a senior.  While the junior is hot headed,  you will never find senior wording a sentence more than what is necessary. The ladies laugh a lot less, because there is nothing worthy celebrating going on in their lives.  The best part of the movie is that it unfolds in a very slow pace –  camera just stays on the faces and the places.  No hurry, and such close look to reality. End of the day , women are shown their place at home even when they are no less than their husbands.  The director did very less to explain –  he let us just be a fly on the wall to witness the lives of the lady police officers in Delhi.

I personally did not find anything negative about the film. Saloni Batra and Geetika Vidya Ohlyan have done a fantastic job. While Geetika Vidya Ohlyan plays the titular character, my more favorite is Saloni Batra. Watch it for sure!

Rating – 5/5

Have a good day and keep rocking!


Padi Padi Leche Manasu : Telugu Movie Review



My favorite actors  Sharwanand and Sai Pallavi in a classical lyrical style romantic movie  –  I wanted to watch it first day first show in theatre but stayed back due to extremely negative reviews. When I found it on Prime – found time here and there to finish it off. So, how did it go?


I generally cry at the tip of hat and have usually become emotional in the romantic movies where the situations of the lead pair makes us melt. The lead pair cries – more so the lady and has many twists and turns.  First, good things first.  Streets of Kolkata in rains and the excellent visuals  coupled with mesmerizing background score.  The mindset of the lady –  a stubborn lady who doesnt fall, to someone who falls for an anonymous guy, to the lady who waits for her love for an year only to meet him at the earthquake and finally, the lady who tells the truth only to her lover that she wont remember him anymore. There are lot of shades to the character and sai pallavi did not disappoint at all. You could feel every emotion she played, and she played to the T.

The lead actor’s mindset is what lets you down – looks amateurish and too quick to jump on his feet. His sudden decisions in life just as he meets his father, his stalking and using age old tricks to make a medical student fall for him – too silly.  As matured sai pallavi’s character is – the more childish sharwanand’s character is.  If only the director put little more effort on adding some logic to his actions.

Watch it, but do not expect magic on the screen. You will cringe and crib – still watch it anyway!

Have a good day and keep rocking!

F2 : Telugu Movie Review

After long, entire family of 6 was in theatre last sunday to catch up with the latest telugu blockbuster F2.  I was told it will be a laugh riot and people were laughing non stop for the entire duration of the film.  So, how did it go?


One guy married for 6 months to a sister, another guy about to be married to another sister – elope to Europe along with their neighbour who is maintaining 2 wifes to escape the torture of females in their lives. Nothing wrong with this.  The problem is , the director could not make up his mind on who is wrong until the end of the film. We are given lecture at Nasser’s house on how husband is the only person in wife’s lives and they should say “I Love you” when they are happy with wife and “I am sorry” when things go wrong.  Nothing wrong with the plot – except the basic premise is incorrect.

The ladies shown in this movie – Harika ( Tamanna) and Honey( Mehreen) are typical ladies who would want to make husbands dance on their tunes. There is no concept of women equality or husbands  not understanding their  wives. The director  clearly depicts the ladies as shrewd, cunning and cut throat.  So, for once when all the male characters jumped to Europe –  I thought the preaching is for ladies, for a change.

But, thats where the film fails. The entire film goes in one direction and the climax exactly in the opposite.  There are quite few episodes that are old, cliche and unlaughable – vennela kishore revenge, the collapse of bridge and prakash raj letting some random guys into house on the pretext of writing his biopic.

I found the plot wafer thin,  actings over board and entire sequence of events illogical. There are laughs scattered, however I have become more matured audience to entertain this kind of cinema I guess.  Leave you logic at home and be prepared to see the old wine in a new bottle – the only way to watch this movie.

2/5 for the comedy tracks in the movie.

Have a good day and keep rocking!

Movie Review : That Girl in Yellow Boots

I couldn’t sleep that night. It was 10 days and my cold hadn’t come down, and the new exercise routine I started was aching. But, more importantly – I just finished watching this movie and was wondering what the central character in this movie must have gone through.  Enough said, there was no sleep for me that night!


The people whole likes to watch good cinema must be indebted to Kalki koechlin. She is the main character in the movie, and has co-written it with her ex husband Anurag Kashyap.  The plot is wafer thin. A British lady comes to India to find her father, who left them when she was 5 years old. She has no photos since her mom tore off  everything, after the elder sister kills herself.  How Ruth struggles in passport office,  her ways of earning money by illegally working in a massage parlor and her tumultous relationship with her boyfriend.  She doesn’t speak much.  Her treatment of her boyfriend, how she develops a nice bond with the elderly guy who comes for Massages, played by Naseeruddin  Shah show the tender side of Ruth. Come what may, she is determined to find her long lost father, and keeps donating the hard earned money to the institutions she needs the details from.

When Ruth discovers who her father is, you wish she never came. You wish she never took the pain. I personally wanted to shut out the laptop and go for a walk.  The film stays with you for very very long time, on how inhuman people can be, and what a crime for a dad to be that.

Watch it, only if you can handle stomach churning endings. For the rest, we have Sallu bhai anyway 😉

Rating – 10/10

Have a good day and keep rocking!


Movie Review : A Death in the Gunj

Last night, I scrolled on my Amazon Prime to see if there’s anything new. and Viola! I saw this movie available for streaming. I was screaming with joy, but only inside.  This is Konkana Sen Sharma’s debut directorial, and I wanted to watch it in theater. Couldn’t do since no company at home – so i made some snacks, powered my laptop, put the earphones and snuggled on sofa with a nice comforter while the movie played along.

The film is set in the town of McCluskieganjBihar (now in Jharkhand), India, during the winter of 1979. Its a small family reunion, with father,mother and daughter visiting their parents. Accompanying are the nephew, and the mother’s friend.  Also seen frequently at home are childhood friends who come to keep them company.

There’s nothing to do there – no TV, no cement.  People amuse  themselves by calling fake ghosts, playing kabaddi and dancing to bangla folk songs.  The film’s main protagonist, Shuntu is a reserved boy who is grieving his father, fails his exams and comes on vacation without informing his mother.

What follows is a display of how we treat Shuntu in the common of household situations. The mood, the music and his emotions.  There are multiple threads all woven into one into the movie.  Shuntu is there. All along. When a kid needs something to do. When people need custard. All along, people call him and get things done. The sadistic pleasure people get by making him go inside his shell –  picture perfect.

Ranveer Shorey, newly married and still in affair with Kalki.

Gulshan and Tillotama with young kid. Want to spend some time alone, without the kid. Doesn’t ask what the kid is doing, as long as they get to do what they want.

8 Year Old Girl. Not entertained by rustic village charm, needs somebody to play and talk with her.

Late Om Puri and Tanuja. Couple growing old.  Forgetting things, cannot stand each other.

The closed ones, shun Shuntu and not once we hear anyone telling his name – Shyamlal.  He is there, invisible. Konkana shows the natural degradation of his mood and how no one seems to care. Gun is visible in parts, only to make a natural entry in the climax where he shoots himself.  Kalki, Tillotama, Ranveer – everyone’s flaws are so wide visible when they are with Shuntu. It shows what as a human we are capable of doing, when the other does not revolt.  He is a brainy one, but cannot get a handle of his own life.

The climax is heart breaking. Watch it to feel it.   The background score was haunting, and Vikrant Massey –  you have a new fan.  It is hard to depict what he has shown on the screen – for 1 and half hour.   There are many minute details packed in the film – this is like an old book. Everytime I see this – I am sure to discover something I missed last.

Watch it when you have some free time afterwards. It helps to stay quiet for a while, and sip your favorite beverage and reflect on what you witnessed on the screen.

My rating :  5/5


Movie Review : Ask Me Anything!

After I packed the house clean, I put my hands around my waist and looked around. What a beauty! It was 12:15 AM in the morning. Ideally I should be sleeping. But, I wanted to waste some time.  This one was a recommendation from a dear friend – but just to watch for the first 5 minutes.

Got it on Youtube –


1 hour and 37 minutes. The music in the introduction –  I heard it and made up my mind that I will watch this in full.  Here’s the intro from internet –

A young woman (Britt Robertson) chronicles her sexual adventures in an anonymous blog that exposes her innermost desires, shames and secrets.

Its about a girl who is sexually abused as a kid, grows up to like older guys – married or engaged. She never understands why, and tends to go with the flow.  No drama, No preachings – everyone is doing what they feel like doing. Mom gets engaged to a “moustache” guy, Dad ends up with an Indian and the girl has no clue whose kid she’s carrying at that point in time.

The movie shows how guys in perfectly satisfied relationships can easily go for an affair, if the girl looks all willing and the risk is worth taking. Scary! The end is apt, she disappears from everyone around her,  and the mother tries to find her via  a blog.

We are not shown a lot of her blogging, but she posts there when life isn’t happening. And one scene she writes – “If you have a life, you don’t blog. In fact, YOU DON’T READ BLOGS TOO!”.  That’s true for her –  but in general, not.

The guy in depression she starts hanging out with – their conversations are the best in the movie.  Not a very light movie, but nothing to take away too.

Review :  3/5

Movie Review : The Revolutionary Road

A friend suggested this movie as a reason to me, when I asked why he was depressed on a particular day. I was going on Hyderabad trip, and downloaded this movie on Amazon Prime.  Watched it over two sessions and spent some time thinking about it.

Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, its about a middle aged couple with kids.  Plot unfolds as with other movies – boring job, comfortable life and school going kids.  Settled routine, and frequent fights. The lady decides to go behind her husband’s dreams – to move to Paris from Revolutionary Road, where they stay.

Al hunky dory for a while, until husband gives up on dreams to settle a little more, and to handle the unexpected pregnancy. And the wife cannot! The burden of seeing a dream and watch it crumble under societal pressures – is unbearable to watch. How a person getting treated for mental disorder can get what perfectly normal people like us cannot is a subtle and hard hitting theme in the story. Kids are shown wherever required, and the very fact where Kate Winslet feels their kid is a mistake – shows how unintentional things come out of one’s mouth in desperation to make their case!

In the end the father remains with the kids, and vacates their pretty house on Revolutionary Road. I was at mom’s and had nothing better to do. Mused over the movie, and one question I have no answer to –

Should you succumb to your routine and stop seeing dreams?  Are you not allowed to have dreams that have no definitive success but will make you alive again?

Watch this for Kate and Leo’s amazing performances – raw, real and restrained.