Art & Craft : Welcome back Card for Daddy Dear!

So, Vinod is out on a short trip with his friends to unwind at the end of the year. Vihu was so sick that I just spent my days shit scared for last few days. Today, she was little better – no fever, just replaced with heavy cold. Good – I thought.  We had plans to take them out to a nearby mall for some money wasting christmas games and activities – but I cancelled due to her cold.  I have converted into that forever-jittery-mom if any of them catches fever due to the all the horror episodes both of them have shown me.

Anyway, with all the time at disposal – Saanvi ordered me that I should help her make a card for her father to welcome him back from his trip.  So, we spent good 3 hours and here’s it is –

The flowers are made of foam paper and I brought and operated hot glue gun for the first time in my life. I wanted the card to have their own handwriting – you can see the younger ones’ name written by herself! 🙂

These sessions are most fulfilling for me as an individual – when you look at the finished card, you just feel a high. Thank God for giving me a daughter who finds all kinds of weird stuff on Internet and pushes me to make them.

Here’s the video from youtube if you fancy making it with your kids or for your special one –


Art and Craft : Waterfall card with Paper Folding

So,  Saanvi wants to congratulate her Dad on the big day.  And I get more work 😀  The only way she knows is to make a greeting card and this one – she browsed for 10 mins on youtube and showed me. Luckily, I keep chart papers one of each color at home – so it was done in a breeze. I didnt get rainbow colors, just some 7 colors.

All you need – 7 different color chartpapers, black chartpaper, scale, scissors and glue.  Saanvi did everything except drawing the squares and rectangles needed for the activity.  When you see the end result, you’ll be so amazed that its so simple to make!

We made 2 cards – one for daddy for one for herself.  Lots of fun!  If you have a toddler  you might need to handhold but for 6 / 7 yrs – its little on challenging side and hugely satisfying once they are done!



Art and Craft : Never Ending Card


Hiya fellas!  This is something I do regularly with my kids – creating some random things found on Youtube! I thought its good to keep recording. As I come home at 7 today,  Saanvi has a demand – GREETING CARD!  I was tired and in no mood to make it. We bargained for a fast dinner she eat by herself. And this was one of the fastest dinners to date – 20 mins! 😀

So, here we go –


Incredibly easy and fun to make. We took 20 minutes to complete it end to end. I sticked up on the wrong side for the first time, but got right the second. At the end, I realized I enjoyed the activity more than her!!

Stay tuned for more!