#ScienceExperiments : Elephant ToothPaste

We started the series  of science experiments with kids at home.  Plan to do one every sunday, just to keep the excitement going.WhatsApp Image 2019-11-04 at 12.01.31 PM

This experiment was huge success.  Pick it up here –


Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Stuff I Love : KidzByte App

Ms. S  or the elder one turned 9 recently. Last few months, I was trying to think of a way to introduce her to news. No, no news channels. She gets KidsAge Magazine at home,  but that hasn’t been enough to cover the news that happen every single day. Man, the world keeps moving, and so should your knowledge about it.  Then , I considered signing up to some really cool kids newspapers like  curiousowl and one more. However, given the time kid will have in the morning – I wasnt very optimistic she can get anything done.  Oh yes, I could read to her but that time will be spent in getting the younger one ready. So, TV is out.  News papers are out.  So, how else can get her started?

Enter KidzByte app. Its a curated news app for curious minds ( read : younger kids )


The app has many categories, and all the latest news are promptly updated.  It has a Read to me version and a short video before the text. So, kid is essentially given 3 options to understand the same news item. And the app has built gamification to its best use.  Every article ( short : around  150 to 200 words), has a question with objective type answer format. So, kids now have an incentive to read / listen / view the item. Sometimes, the  question isnt from the article, but definitely answerable by the smart phone assistant readily available on all phones these days.

There are many categories of news, and the information is updated every single day. Almost, all major events in the world and a lot of trivia is added – which adds up over time to the kid’s general knowledge.  There is an overall leaderboard, and every week’s leaderboard.  Each player is given an overall rank, and there are levels the player can reach based on the number of points he/she earns in the game. So, how does one earn points?  By answering the questions right?  How smartly connected 🙂

So, how does the app makers earn money? By giving bonus points and power ups for certain amount of money. Ofcourse, kids want to earn points quickly, and when they are learning something along the way, parents won’t mind spending as well. I’ve recharged twice as of now,  and it keeps the kid really motivated to read more and learn stuff.

There are lot of competitions they conduct on a daily basis, which Saanvi hasn’t participated yet. The next step is to create a gmail account for her,  via Family feature of gmail. Every day morning, now it’s a ritual for the kid to do the app for 10 minutes and collect her share of points for the day. At the same time, get the latest news in the most informative, non intrusive way!

Kudos to the makers of this app, and  this is one of the best apps for kids out there.

Rating – 5/5

Have a good day and keep rocking!

First Live Badminton Match!

Kid generally trains on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  One such tuesday I dropped her and settled on the sofa in front of the reception. The cheerful lean guy at the reception generally is silent but looked so happy. I did not inquire, as usual.  I buried my head in the phone trying to be busy doing something that was absolutely unnecessary.

Just then the badminton whatsapp group had a message saying they want to encourage kids and hence giving free passes to PBL happening in the city for tomorrow. What’s PBL?  Next 10 mins I was productive and got all the info : Premier Badminton League Season 4. Hosted by Vodafone and wednesday’s players included P V Sindhu and Saina Nehwal. Ofcourse all the players are national and international – but these were the ones we knew!

Tuesday was off because of general worker strike and lot of schools had declared holidays on wednesday as well. I was hopeful but the school crashed it all in the night by declaring it as a full working day.  Its a tough call – Do you make the kid bunk the school and show her a badminton match OR teach her discipline and send her to school ?

By now you would have guessed what I did. She had some serious study sessions in the morning, and then off we went to see the matches. It was my first live badminton match as well and I was as excited as the kids.  We managed to catch Prannoy in action, followed by another Mens doubles. Then came P V Sindhu who had an easy win and just disappeared after 2 sets. We sat through and saw one womens singles and one mixed doubles as well. Younger one had a ball calling one snacks guy after the other , but I was equally amazed at the ability of 4 year old to correctly identify the scores and cheer for the one she wanted to (!!).


Sindhu in action!


All in All – An amazing experience! I know deep in my heart I did the right thing by giving the kid an inspiration by watching her heroes play!

Have a good day and keep rocking!

KeetaVismaya 2018

I had a plan to take kids to chitra kala parishad yesterday. But, three things stopped me. One, saanvi’s on going stomach pain. Second, vihana’s nap time. Third, estimated 4 lakh visitors.

I googled around and found this insect exhibition in gkvk.(university of agricultural sciences). It was a free exhibition.

The exhibition had live silkworm, praying mantle, and few other insects. Among the specimens, cicadas, beetles and butterflies dominated the show. They had paintings of a late professor, stamps with insects and more interestingly a dengue corner.

That showed how eggs of dengue mosquito become larvae, pupa and finally mosquito.  The entymology club members were at every display and explained to visitors in great detail. I loved the show, and so did kids.

We had a club member approach us at the entrance who escorted us until we got scolded for stopping the exhibition.

Overall, fantastic experience. Some clicks –

Art & Craft : Welcome back Card for Daddy Dear!

So, Vinod is out on a short trip with his friends to unwind at the end of the year. Vihu was so sick that I just spent my days shit scared for last few days. Today, she was little better – no fever, just replaced with heavy cold. Good – I thought.  We had plans to take them out to a nearby mall for some money wasting christmas games and activities – but I cancelled due to her cold.  I have converted into that forever-jittery-mom if any of them catches fever due to the all the horror episodes both of them have shown me.

Anyway, with all the time at disposal – Saanvi ordered me that I should help her make a card for her father to welcome him back from his trip.  So, we spent good 3 hours and here’s it is –

The flowers are made of foam paper and I brought and operated hot glue gun for the first time in my life. I wanted the card to have their own handwriting – you can see the younger ones’ name written by herself! 🙂

These sessions are most fulfilling for me as an individual – when you look at the finished card, you just feel a high. Thank God for giving me a daughter who finds all kinds of weird stuff on Internet and pushes me to make them.

Here’s the video from youtube if you fancy making it with your kids or for your special one –


Art and Craft : Waterfall card with Paper Folding

So,  Saanvi wants to congratulate her Dad on the big day.  And I get more work 😀  The only way she knows is to make a greeting card and this one – she browsed for 10 mins on youtube and showed me. Luckily, I keep chart papers one of each color at home – so it was done in a breeze. I didnt get rainbow colors, just some 7 colors.

All you need – 7 different color chartpapers, black chartpaper, scale, scissors and glue.  Saanvi did everything except drawing the squares and rectangles needed for the activity.  When you see the end result, you’ll be so amazed that its so simple to make!

We made 2 cards – one for daddy for one for herself.  Lots of fun!  If you have a toddler  you might need to handhold but for 6 / 7 yrs – its little on challenging side and hugely satisfying once they are done!



Art and Craft : Never Ending Card


Hiya fellas!  This is something I do regularly with my kids – creating some random things found on Youtube! I thought its good to keep recording. As I come home at 7 today,  Saanvi has a demand – GREETING CARD!  I was tired and in no mood to make it. We bargained for a fast dinner she eat by herself. And this was one of the fastest dinners to date – 20 mins! 😀

So, here we go –


Incredibly easy and fun to make. We took 20 minutes to complete it end to end. I sticked up on the wrong side for the first time, but got right the second. At the end, I realized I enjoyed the activity more than her!!

Stay tuned for more!

Share, share and share

Share, share, share

Share if you care.

Share your pear.

It will make you dear.

Share your food

It will make you good.

Tortoise shares with hare

Oh, its so rare.

Share with your sister

Hello hello mister.

Share share share

Everybody share

Sharing’s a good habit

Even if you’re a rabbit.

I know, i owe you an explanation for thr above.;) saanvi has poem recitation today and i delayed teaching her until night 9 the day before. So, i reached out for google and told her to learn ‘hey diddle diddle’. She said – ‘amma, why dont u create one for me,!’. That is the best thing i have heard in the recent past. We spent next 15 mins coming up with rhyming words and making sentences out of it. She learnt it well and slept off. Me too, with a great satisfaction.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Its been really long long years i have chronicled anything about kids. Saanvi had lot of entries in this blog. This is a first to vihana – my 22 mths old younger kid.

As saanvi sleeps and vihana keeps roaming from hall to bedroom for about 50 times, it is about 10 pm. My idli plate was in the hall from 9 pm, when i came with kids into the bedroom. I told vihana –

‘Amma is so hungry. Why dont u sleep soooon?!!’

She gets up from her place with a mission. Chanting ‘amma hungry, amma hungry’, she barges out.  Within seconds, i see her bringing the idli plate to me and saying – ‘amma idli. Tinu’. I was pleasantly surprised.

10.15pm and vihana is still strolling around. I decide its high time i eat my dinner.i come out and so does vihana.

She sits in front of me and opens the sambar vessel. ‘Amma tinu’. And starts serving me. And then continuous to serve me. ‘Amma hungry. Idli tinu’. She keeps prompting me in between. Then proceeds to serve me chutneys and brings me water bottle.

As vinod watches with amusement, she goes to her dad with concerned face and says – ‘amma hungry.idli tinu’.

My heart is filled with joy and my eyes are filled with tears. This just shows what a fun filled roller coaster ride my future is going to be;)

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

An article everyone should read: Posting Kid’s Pics to Facebook

As part of my casual weekend reading, I turned to http://www.thenewsminute.com late night yesterday and was shocked to read a DISGUSTING article. Don’t believe me, read for yourself:


What the … ?? Facebook, a platform where people share their personal photos are being targeted in such a vulgar manner. The more I thought, I wanted to QUIT Facebook and every social media platform out there. Better safe than sorry?  Or shall I start treating Facebook as an unknown ocean full of  dangers, and put in only selective things – like a small fish going around afraid of life all the time?

I’m always for technology. I believe technology in essence is not bad, we just find more bad use cases for it than good. So, although one part of me wanted to quit Facebook – the other said: Use some caution. I decided on the second one.

First thing after coffee in the morning is to open Facebook, waste few minutes looking at updates and then go straight to Privacy Settings. I’ve updated as below –


Guys –  Please don’t post your kid’s photos for likes, and social approvals. If needed, post it with strict privacy measures. Keep rocking!!