Aadhaar Card in Nagawara

So, Guys – I figured this out quite recently and it’s been a God Send.

On the way to Elements mall – there’s a small building just before Elements mall where the wall is all painted RED with “A1 GOLD”.  That’ Gowramma Complex in Saraipalya.

First floor , you have Pooja Enterprises. They are a Private company running all Aadhaar services along with many others like Passport, PAN, etc. Typically they work alternate days, weekends get really crowded. Weekdays –  less than 4 or 5 people, expect your work to be done in 30 minutes maximum.

Below is the guy’s details –



Also, quick details on the info I gathered for kid’s aadhaar card –

  1. Below 5 yrs, no study certificate needed.  Just need Date of Birth Certificate for kids, and Parent’s aadhaar card.  Bear in mind, the kid will get the same address as parent, and the card will get delivered to the same address. So if you are like me – with a wrong address – first get yours updated. That should take 15 days to reflect online. With that new aadhar card, you can go ahead and apply for the kid.
  2.  Above 5 yrs, same process. An extra document is required – Study certificate from School.  This has to be signed by Principal with green ink.

They are charging Rs. 300 for new Aadhaar card for kids, and I think it’s good if we can get it done before this one  closes down.  I’ve seen many private centers close down already.

P.S.   –  I’ve put all the information I know in the post.  Please don’t bombard me with more questions, I will be forced to ignore.


News Portals & Apps for your reading pleasure

We are all flooded by news every minute, do I need to recommend more? Yes, if you are a non or average reader like me and like to hit google news every now and then to find out what is happening. But, the recent RIL Acquisition of Network18 got me thinking.

When I started handling TTP almost an year back, I made a list of all the blogs that covered indian startups and few international must read blogs. Every day, I diligently went through each of the blogs, which gave me lot of useful insights on how founders, PR agencies and other factors worked in the entire game. Feedly became my must read stuff everyday, a new habit I never noticed until recently.

As TTP painfully ended mid may – I no longer write at TTP, but still scan all the blogs and read all the important pieces published everywhere. Now, with nothing to write, I started reading more. text and topics. As Narendra Modi became PM and I became aware of feedly’s super powers, I added more and more sources.

With my feedly fully equipped to deliver all the useful and useless stuff to my laptop, I realized that I have stumbled across very insightful and lesser known blogs. For my dear readers, here is the list –

a) NewsLaundry : http://www.newslaundry.com
The website is rich with lots of opinions and the best part of it is the clothesline, which is a hilarious video take on current media. Make it a part of your reading routine.

b) TheNewsMinute : http://www.thenewsminute.com

Formed by several veteran journalists, this offers unbiased news and lot of links to other websites with content worth reading.

c) Quartz India: http://qz.com/india/

I first came across this when reading Mahesh Murthy’s views on Flipkart and Myntra deal and am stuck to it ever since. They publish really cool info, with lots of charts and unique news.

d) Scroll – http://scroll.in/

Quite Insightful. Watch out their left side scroller, and an article explaining today’s news in brief. Must add to your list.

e) LiveMint – http://livemint.com/

Although doesn’t quite fit here, it’s one of the best digital newspapers I’ve seen. Some of the articles are delightfully detailed and accurate. The last one I read was on RIL Acquisition.

If you still crave for the regular dose of news from TOI, Economic Times, DNA and other regular media outlets,there is an easier way : News In Shorts App. Just install the app on your Android Phone and read the regular news in much faster, efficient way.

NewsHunt is another app worth mention. Apart from adding a whole lot of  e-papers, it sends push notifications when an important event happens.  It’s good enough to keep you looking sane in any conversation.

What are your e-treasures when it comes to news, politics and opinions? Share here.

Have a  good day and keep rocking!!

How to know your kindle email address

I write for the tech news website, TheTechPanda. In return, what i get is pure satisfaction and joy. I write for my own good. Many friends asked me how much I am earning thru writing.  No cash as of now, but doesn’t really matter. May be if I get cash someday for writing here, my husband and daughter would have more surprises! 

The editor Prateek is a nice guy who loves reading books I guess. In return for our work, he offered all our freelancers that he can buy 2-3 books of our choice. Any day, this would make me more happy than money I guess. The very first title i sent to him was :

The Art of Choosing – Sheena Iyengar.

When he asked for my kindle id, i did reply with weird answers because i did not knew what kindle id was. Finally, i googled and amazon had it in FAQ.

Here is how to find yours:

1. Open Kindle

2. Click Menu

3. Go to settings – page 3

4. See the sub section Send-to-Kindle Email.

That’s it.   

I got my book and cannot wait to read. This is my first payment for writing on this website.This book is written by a blind lady and has amazing reviews. Let’s see how i find it.


Have a good day and keep rocking!!

How to create custom ringtone on Samsung Galaxy s2

My husband is in goa with his friend. Some time back,  he wanted the intro song of the telugu movie “Denikaina Ready” as ringtone in his s2. So, while he left his s2 home during his trip( thanks to my daughter) – I wanted to surprise him by setting the ringtone. I connected the usb and got lost in the whole list of folders displayed.

This came to my rescue:

It’s all set now – waiting for him 🙂  Putting it here, just in case I would need it again and again later…

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Smart short messaging with iPhone

Once iOs is out, the iMessage has taken the world by storm. Personally,  all my family owns iDevices, and I frequently send them messages to find out how they are doing. Although my typing is pretty good, sometimes – iPhone’s auto correct and your laziness make the chatting a bit difficuilt.

While I was browsing through the Settings, found out that you can set up shortcuts, and just typing short cuts will present the entire text in your message window. Common, say thanks to me for sharing this tip! 🙂

Go to Setting ->  Keyboard -> Shortcuts.



My hot favorite website collection

I could go on and on and on… but here’s few which I would think are worth checking ..

1. http://zenhabits.net/ :  check for yourself and see. The habit-cultivating propagator, his blog posts are simple and thought provocative.

2. http://www.killerstartups.com/ :  Ultimate guide to see things happenings around startups, interviews and lot of other interesting stuff.

3. http://www.pluggd.in/ : Guide to best Indian startups, advise and much more.

4. http://yourstory.in/ : Another website covering Indian startups, the content looks more mature over here. Should dwelve in, if you really have time to read, not skim through.

5. http://www.livestrong.com/ : Ultimate fitness article. The editor’s articles are very interesting, and thought provoking. All your fitness questions are already answered, in elaborate articles.

6. http://wordpress.com/#!/fresh/ : The best blogging pieces on wordpress, selected everyday. You will find some hilarious, some really cool blogs over here.

7. http://www.marcandangel.com/ :  These are the list guys on Internet. They have XX things to do ( XX for any number) on any situation. I find their posters and quotes quite good.

8.http://ereadernewstoday.com/category/free-kindle-books/ : Time to check, if there are any interesting ebooks for free.

9. http://www.makeuseof.com/ : Go there, and make use of it 🙂

10.  http://indusladies.com/ : All-in-one collection for Indian ladies, in India or overseas.

Try these, may be you’ll like a few too! 🙂

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Duck, Duck and go!!


Do you know that Google tracks us?  And we all live in a filter bubble?

Look at these:



It’s scary – Google tracks you, and your search is personalized. In the vast and  broad world wide web, what we see is really what we want to see. This is particularly true in real world. But, never thought that my online presence is the same too. Quite saddening.

One of the alternatives comes from Mr. Gabriel Weinberg – founder of the web search engine http://duckduckgo.com.

The search engine claims, it never tracks you and you get what you search for, not what you suppose you should get.

I’ve tried the search engine, and it looks like it’s really in its basics. Cannot be compared with Google at this moment – but I think i will slowly move to DuckDuckGo, for my searches.

While discussing this with one of my colleagues, we thought how difficuilt it is to move away from Google – they get YOU – your chat, email, documents, youtube and what not!! How can I replace a system, so incorporated into my life?

This post is not to review DuckDuckgo, but just to let the world know that Google is no sweet little girl next door –  please be careful when you search things with her. However, Google currently gives you the option to opt out of Google Analytics(beta). So, if you absolutely cannot live without Google,  please do this and do yourself a favor :


One potentially useful thing for you guys from my post, when you read http://donttrack.us/ – please go to the bottom of the post. It contains some fantastic web apps for enhanced security and privacy when browsing websites. I did install AdBlock Plus – and got rid of all the youtube advertisements surrounding the video.  Even though I cannot move away from Google at this point of time, atleast I can try to protect my whereabouts, what do you think?

Give DuckDuckGo a try, and see how it works for you.

Oh, and one  more things See this  TED Talk by Eli Pariser  http://www.ted.com/talks/eli_pariser_beware_online_filter_bubbles.html.

If this excites you, you can go ahead and read his book :


Also, if you would like to know where DuckDuckGo stands at the moment in comparison to Google:



Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Listen to your heart’s content with Aurality App!!

While browsing internet, I came across this beautiful App called Aurality.  You really want to read stuff that’s interesting to you – but I know, you and me sit at the office desk whole day. And, if that’s not enough – we have movies and TV shows to catch up once we go home. So, how are we gonna get our daily dose of interesting stuff without reading through the eyes? Yeah, switch to ears and listening.

I’ve been testing this app for a while now, and it seems to score good marks.  Image

The app has A-CAST, which means Aurality-Cast. You can click on “Most Popular” to start listening to most popular news, and then go on to decide by the sections which interest you.


If you are like me –  you already have the stuff you want to listen to. After you’re done with your quick round up of news and other basic stuff, you want to give the URL of the site and listen. So,  you have a section called “MY STUFF”. Two interesting things here:

a) (+) :  Create your own personal station. Provide a URL. The App fetches the latest RSS feed and starts playing automatically.

b) Hear It Later: You might have heard of pocket ( http://getpocket.com/) – which was previously “read it later”. So, for the reading list in your pocket, you have a station called Hear It Later. Smart, indeed.


And, that’s not all. For every thing the app plays – you get to choose between headlines (5 seconds), quick scan (20 seconds) and full article ( time depends on the length of the article).

I observed there are male and female voices reading out. It’s not at all pleasant to ears at first, because of two things. Once, the art of listening is lost long back, these days people are interested just to talk about themselves. Second, the one talking is not even human and you can’t see it. So, i’ll admit that it’s hard to listen at first – but just weigh it with not reading it at all. This one sounds better option, isn’t it?

I had only two gripes with this app:

a) It starts playing as soon as i click a station, although my sound is turned to mute. ( Iphone). Got a few stares from co-workers today..

b) It works only on wifi, how can I save pages offline and read them? this would make the app a very interesting one, as people can listen to their favorite webpages closing their eyes – provided they get a comfy place during their commute.

All in all, it’s a fantastic effort by the creators. And the best part – It’s free !:)

Visit http://www.aurality.net/, to find out more. Or simply, download the app from AppStore and start playing.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Want more of websites you regularly visit?

Well, yeah – you guessed it wrong. Or if my guess is wrong, may be you are right too. I was bored with YouTube.com and wanted some other video hosting websites to look at.

more of it fits the bill perfectly. Give the website and it will find similar ones. I did test this with couple of my favorite sites and pleased with the results. Who knows, the similar site may be a better one than the one you visit regularly.

Give a try and let me know what you think.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!