Drinks : Sabja Seeds Drink

Don’t we all want a break from the heat ? Summers are a time to enjoy, but also a time to take care not to dehydrate. One recipe very common in my home is Sabja Seeds drink. Sabja seeds are also known as Basil Seeds and Falooda Seeds.

sabja drink recipeThe recipe is very easy to prepare and you will enjoy the taste. Here we go:

Sabza Seeds – 4 tsp

Water – 600 ml

Jaggery – 4 tbsp

Black pepper powder – as per taste

Elaichi powder – as per taste, Optional


1.Soak Sabja seeds in water for a minimum of 6 hours

2.  Add grated jaggery and black pepper powder . Mix well until jaggery dissolves completely.

3. If you wish, add elaichi powder as well.

Drink it and enjoy.

Have a nice day and keep rocking!!

Chikku Milk shake

Very easy to make and extremely tasty – Chikku milkshake fits the bill perfectly.



Peeled chikku : 1 cup

Milk : 1 cup

sugar/ honey – 2 tea spoons/ 1 tea spoon


Blend chikku well first.

Add sugar and few drops of milk and blend again.

Add the remaining milk and blend.

After done, serve in glasses and chill. You may add few icecubes while serving.


Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Cooling Ragi Malt

With blisters on my tongue created by overheating within my body, I had to do something. If i was in India now, would have gone and taken a B12 tablet strip and gleefully consumed all of it. But, with no such options available, I was looking at what I can do with things sitting in my pantry. And yes, I was reminded of the large opened packet of ragi flour sitting straight in front of me.

With little research, I came to know that this is cooling food, and Indian village people used to drink it , after they are back home from hot sun’s wrath.

So, today morning – I prepared ragi malt. I prepared it, took my bath and wanted to drink. But, by then it solidified and became a smoothie kind. Nonetheless, it was tasting great!! My dear daughter saanvi – who woke up by then took great pride in feeding me all the ragi malt with a big spoon, and in between feeding herself to smaller portions. All in all, quite liked it, and am sure this will be in my regular recipe list – and helpful for my body too.

As usual, I am pretty pathetic at pictures. Did not take the picture – just made it and drank 😀

Next time, I promise  – for all the recipes I make, I’ll make sure to post atleast one picture of the finished product.

Here comes the recipe :


Today, one of our colleagues is celebrating her birthday in a nearby pub. I wonder, what vegetarian lunch options I would be having. Banking on a veggie subway post lunch to fill me up.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!