Sprouted mung dosa : breakfast item

I had huge quantity of sprouted beans in the fridge. So googled and found this super simple recipe. My entire family loved it!

Just take care to cook the dosa thoroughly.

My dosa –

Get the recipe here –


Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Alternatives to White Rice

I had this in my to-blog list from really really long time, but a small nudge from my friend helped to get this out here finally. For record, I don’t hate white rice. Not all things white. My entire family, both my kids and  my hubby dear eat white rice every single day for lunch.  So far,  I haven’t tried to lecture them on why they should start eating all I eat.  I firmly believe you should enjoy what you are eating, and eating is very closely connected to soul. Remember the joy you feel when you eat the favorite dish your mother makes for you? 🙂 I do, and my mom makes my list every time I visit her.

Having said that, I’m a person who craves variety. Crazy kind of variety. The easiest way to kill me is to feed the same food everyday.  So, this is out of my own curiosity that I started researching.  You can skip the post here, and happily continue eating your rice – if you still not convinced why you should eat white rice : Read Rujuta Diwekar’s book on Indian Superfoods.

So, now let me deep dive and give the list of items I substitute for rice on a daily basis –

  1. Foxtail Millet :   One of the hard crops , millet variety.  It looks almost similar to yellow mustard seeds.

How to cook?

Water to millet ratio is 1: 2.5.  Soak millets in water for 30 minutes minimum, the longer the better. Cook it in pressure cooker for minimum of 6 whistles.

foxtail millet.jpg

How does it taste?

This is the  closest variant to white rice,  and looks really yummy. Eat it exactly like your white rice,  mix it in pickles, sambar and curd.

2. Steel Cut Oats  :  This is the coarse version of Oats, and not the Instant variety you get in the Supermarkets.  This doesn’t cook in 2 minutes.


How to cook?

Same ratio as Foxtail Millet.

How does it taste?

It has a slight coarse texture to the mouth, not suitable to eat when you want to eat in large quantities.  Very good with liquid varieties such as Sambar and rasam. Put poriyal on the side and enjoy 🙂

3.  Jowar Rawa :  This is whole jowar grounded into Rawa version, now easily available on Amazon. If you are in India, order from kaulige.com,


How to cook?

The rawa to water ratio is 1:2.5, similar to foxtail millet.  Cook like exactly like foxtail millet, and soak it before cooking.

How does it taste?

Good, in fact yummy. This also has nice texture like foxtail millet –  you can have a full meal with this one.

4.  Brown Rice :  The rice with husk, which is said to contain nutrients to nourish human body.


How to cook?

Depends on how soft you want. I use the exact same measurements as foxtail millet. Soak it surely.  Only difference, I leave it for 8 whistles atleast if soaking for less time.  Few times I had tummy pain as I ate half cooked – thinking that’s how it will taste. 😦

How is the taste?

I love the taste. It has a mildly sweet flavor compared to the regular white rice.  It’s rice folks – enjoy 🙂

5. Ragi Mudde  :Ragi flour cooked with water and made like a ball.ragimudde.jpg

How to cook?

It’s wasting your time giving instructions here,  find a good youtube video. All I can day – practice makes man perfect 😉

How does it taste?

Least palatable of all , I eat it just to add Ragi to my diet after adding all else.  Only eat it if you have large quantities of liquid at home.  Easy ways to add Ragi are ragi idli, dosa and roti. I have these in my diet regularly, so this ragi mudde is when I am in mood to spend some time in kitchen making the balls.

6. Wheat Daliya / Broken Wheat :  Whole wheat made into coarse pieces.


How to cook?

Like foxtail millet.

How does it taste?

Similar to steel cut oats, it feels heavy on the mouth to chew – compared to our fine versions of white rice or jowar rawa.  Fills tummy very quickly. Can be eaten for full lunch with all  accompanying curries and liquid preparations.

Apart from these –  other regulars in my diet are Bajra Roti as I don’t consume it much in any other form.  Least appealing to the tongue 😉 Red rice is on my list which is native to lot of Karnataka and Kerala people,  next month I will add it to my grocery list.

If you are picky eater – just ignore this post and tuck in some hot sambar and your favorite white rice.

Another tip – All the above items are mentioned are excellent to make One Pot items. Toss in some oil, whatever veggies in fridge and add the item and pressure cook for 6 or 7 whistles.  If you can’t eat it in lunch – you can eat almost all of them for breakfast. You wouldn’t be hungry for good 4 hours.  Since my family isn’t a fan of all the crazy stuff I try – whatever I eat more than 5 or 6 times that gets converted into a breakfast item in our house.  Ofcourse I get weird looks, but what matters more is the empty breakfast plate and filled tummy of my loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have a good day and keep rocking!




Breakfast : Cowpea Dosa

So, I was guilty yesterday. You know why?  Ofcourse not. I will tell you. My beloved beans  – cowpeas was sitting idle in my kitchen. It’s been a while I ate cow pea salad, sprouts or atleast curry with chapati.  How  could I? I know, I have been little off from regular stuff these days – but how could I ?  At home, the most common recipe with cow peas is Cow pea vada, but that’s LOOOOT of  OIL. It’s not that I don’t eat –  I’m quite generous with the amount of oil that gets used in the kitchen. But – yesterday I just wasn’t in the mood.  So, I turned to the Mr. Know It All –  Google to figure out what else to do.  And it had the answer , as always – DOSA 🙂

During my random browsing, I figured out –  you could make dosa out of anything and everything. So, if nothing else works out – soak the damn thing, grind it and make a dosa!

I did the exact same thing – Soaked cow peas. Grinded with green chilli, garlic, ginger, jeera and salt.  And made a dosa:) In telugu, this is fondly called as “Alasandala Attu”.

Cowpea DosaMy family loved it. Verdict – 5/5 , gonna be a regular from now on.

Pick up the actual recipe from here – http://www.andhravanta.com/dosa-recipecowpeas-dosabobbarlu-dosa/

Breakfast : Instant Bread Dosa

So, I have this loaf of bread staring at me last saturday.  I’m a stickler to make new recipes with the same ingredient, don’t ask me why. So, I decided against the regular sandwich and went for Dosa.

Verdict  – 5/5,  make spicy chutney for elders.

Both my kids loved it, and for once – I had no persuasion to be done. It didn’t have the sweet flavor, despite all similar items added to the batter. It takes total of 10 mins to take the batter ready, and you just need bread, rice flour, curd, besan and Eno.


I picked this recipe from here : http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/bread-dosa-recipe-instant-dosa



Breakfast : Oats Besan chilla

I am perpetually looking out for ways to add healthy flour to my kids diet. It’s a lazy sunday and I settled down for dosa.

 It’s quick to make, filling and tasty. Serve it with groundnut chutney. Everyone including my 3 yr old loved it.

Main ingredients : Powdered Oats and besan taken in 2:1 proportions. Add veggies, carom seeds and water. Batter is ready. Make it similar to dosa on the pan.

Step bg Step ingredients and method –


Breakfast : Sabudana Vada /Sago Vada

This is one long pending vada recipe. Everytime I bring sago, I am so tempted to make yummy khichdi that i never got around to make this. This time, when i saw the 1/4 kg of sago brought from store, I immediately made my mind to make it for dinner. The vada turned out awesome and everyone at my home really liked it. Here we go:


Sago : 1/4 kg

Potatoes : 5 medium sized

Green chillis : 10-12 coarsely grinded ( Adjust according to taste)

Ginger : 1 medium piece, cut into small pieces

Curry leaves : A big sprig

Salt : To taste

Rice flour : Depending on the amount required


1. Soak sago in water for atleast 4 hours. Make sure the water is just enough to soak sago and no extra water remains in it when the soaking is complete.

2. Boil potatos, mash and keep aside.

3. Mix the sago, mashed potatoes,  coarsely grinded greenchillis, ginger and curry leaves and salt.

5.  Heat the oil and deep fry vada.

Serve hot with chilli sauce.


1. If water remains after sago is soaked for enough time, do squeeze out sago and make sure no water remains.

2. When I tried the first batch of sago vada, it split in oil. What I did was to add some rice flour and then the vada did not break. This is a general tip.

3.  Start the vada frying process as soon as you add salt in the mixture. Delaying it will cause the vada to break.

Have a nice day and keep rocking!!


Breakfast : Cow Peas and Raw Mango Pancakes


I saw this recipe in ETV and wanted to make this delicious snack for all at home. That evening, I brought cow peas ( bobbarlu) and raw mango from the store.  The snack turned our really really good and I was glad i tried it.

Ingredients :

Cow peas : 250 gms, Chana Dal and Moong Dal – handful each

Raw mangoes – 2 ( Adjust according to the sour taste you can tolerate)

Cabbage – 1 small cup

Green chilli – 10

Ginger garlic paste: 2 tbsp

Mint Leaves : Bunch

Curry Leaves : Bunch

Cumin Seeds : 2 tbsp


1. Soak cow peas, Chana dal and Moong dal for 4 hours .

2. Keep few cow peas, chana dal and moong dal aside.

3. Grind all the rest of the ingredients without water to a smooth paste, except cumin seeds, mint leaves and curry leaves.

4. Add cumin seeds,  curry leaves and mint leaves  to the smooth batter. Add salt.

5. Put oil on the stove and make the vadas.


> I used 1 raw mango which was very sour. But, the taste just disappeared and we didn’t feel the sourness at all. So, for 250 gm, 2 mangoes is suggested.

> These taste excellent with cut onions and lemon / chilli sauce / tomato sauce.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!