How to get anything done by your kids?

Thanks, for cursing me under your breath. I know, its an old technique of click baiting but thats exactly what I wanted to share with you all. I am blessed with two lovely kids aged 7 and 3. Its not exaggerating to say the house is in order most of the days. Few things my mom told, mother in law commented and I realized had made my life very easy.

If you are an office goer, you know. You know the pain when your boss measures your performance against goals in his head. You’d be a top vlass performer until he starts talking. Then, depending on your preference – either on a hard or cold drink, you crib on how unfair life is. I realize we do that a lot to kids.

Set expectations very clearly.

I recently sat down with both kids and clearly told them what I expect from them in term of basic hygiene, academics, play and manners. It helped. I have the key stakeholder buyin now 😉


Lead by example.

If you want kids to wash face after they come from school, first you wash yours every evening for 3 months. Let them watch you. Tell them how good it feels, how nice the skin is. Then add it to their routine. The task has an implicit approval as safe, because it’s in your routine.


Be consistent with messaging and tone.

One thing I always tell my kids is they will be loved because they are my kids and nothing else. Everything else is supposed to make them feel good. That gives them the confidence to mess things up and tell you upfront. I admit all the time I dont know much, made lot of mistakes since I was small. And what they are doing is normal and human. We just laugh it off.

Fourth and the most important –

Whats in it for them?

End of the day – they are human beings, just little versions. Talk in their language, not why you want certain things to be done. This will work like magic if you tell them calmly and repeatedly.

So, raising kids is a work in progress . So far, these have worked for me. I will keep updating the post once I figure out other things.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Alternatives to White Rice

I had this in my to-blog list from really really long time, but a small nudge from my friend helped to get this out here finally. For record, I don’t hate white rice. Not all things white. My entire family, both my kids and  my hubby dear eat white rice every single day for lunch.  So far,  I haven’t tried to lecture them on why they should start eating all I eat.  I firmly believe you should enjoy what you are eating, and eating is very closely connected to soul. Remember the joy you feel when you eat the favorite dish your mother makes for you? 🙂 I do, and my mom makes my list every time I visit her.

Having said that, I’m a person who craves variety. Crazy kind of variety. The easiest way to kill me is to feed the same food everyday.  So, this is out of my own curiosity that I started researching.  You can skip the post here, and happily continue eating your rice – if you still not convinced why you should eat white rice : Read Rujuta Diwekar’s book on Indian Superfoods.

So, now let me deep dive and give the list of items I substitute for rice on a daily basis –

  1. Foxtail Millet :   One of the hard crops , millet variety.  It looks almost similar to yellow mustard seeds.

How to cook?

Water to millet ratio is 1: 2.5.  Soak millets in water for 30 minutes minimum, the longer the better. Cook it in pressure cooker for minimum of 6 whistles.

foxtail millet.jpg

How does it taste?

This is the  closest variant to white rice,  and looks really yummy. Eat it exactly like your white rice,  mix it in pickles, sambar and curd.

2. Steel Cut Oats  :  This is the coarse version of Oats, and not the Instant variety you get in the Supermarkets.  This doesn’t cook in 2 minutes.


How to cook?

Same ratio as Foxtail Millet.

How does it taste?

It has a slight coarse texture to the mouth, not suitable to eat when you want to eat in large quantities.  Very good with liquid varieties such as Sambar and rasam. Put poriyal on the side and enjoy 🙂

3.  Jowar Rawa :  This is whole jowar grounded into Rawa version, now easily available on Amazon. If you are in India, order from,


How to cook?

The rawa to water ratio is 1:2.5, similar to foxtail millet.  Cook like exactly like foxtail millet, and soak it before cooking.

How does it taste?

Good, in fact yummy. This also has nice texture like foxtail millet –  you can have a full meal with this one.

4.  Brown Rice :  The rice with husk, which is said to contain nutrients to nourish human body.


How to cook?

Depends on how soft you want. I use the exact same measurements as foxtail millet. Soak it surely.  Only difference, I leave it for 8 whistles atleast if soaking for less time.  Few times I had tummy pain as I ate half cooked – thinking that’s how it will taste. 😦

How is the taste?

I love the taste. It has a mildly sweet flavor compared to the regular white rice.  It’s rice folks – enjoy 🙂

5. Ragi Mudde  :Ragi flour cooked with water and made like a ball.ragimudde.jpg

How to cook?

It’s wasting your time giving instructions here,  find a good youtube video. All I can day – practice makes man perfect 😉

How does it taste?

Least palatable of all , I eat it just to add Ragi to my diet after adding all else.  Only eat it if you have large quantities of liquid at home.  Easy ways to add Ragi are ragi idli, dosa and roti. I have these in my diet regularly, so this ragi mudde is when I am in mood to spend some time in kitchen making the balls.

6. Wheat Daliya / Broken Wheat :  Whole wheat made into coarse pieces.


How to cook?

Like foxtail millet.

How does it taste?

Similar to steel cut oats, it feels heavy on the mouth to chew – compared to our fine versions of white rice or jowar rawa.  Fills tummy very quickly. Can be eaten for full lunch with all  accompanying curries and liquid preparations.

Apart from these –  other regulars in my diet are Bajra Roti as I don’t consume it much in any other form.  Least appealing to the tongue 😉 Red rice is on my list which is native to lot of Karnataka and Kerala people,  next month I will add it to my grocery list.

If you are picky eater – just ignore this post and tuck in some hot sambar and your favorite white rice.

Another tip – All the above items are mentioned are excellent to make One Pot items. Toss in some oil, whatever veggies in fridge and add the item and pressure cook for 6 or 7 whistles.  If you can’t eat it in lunch – you can eat almost all of them for breakfast. You wouldn’t be hungry for good 4 hours.  Since my family isn’t a fan of all the crazy stuff I try – whatever I eat more than 5 or 6 times that gets converted into a breakfast item in our house.  Ofcourse I get weird looks, but what matters more is the empty breakfast plate and filled tummy of my loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have a good day and keep rocking!




Home Garden : Plantix, An App Saviour

I wasn’t as aware of environment back in my youth as I am now. Now we stay in a flat in Bangalore, and blessed with two balconies. I take care of the one attached to my bedroom and my MIL after the one  attached to hall.  We have a decent spread of plants.  As the plants kept on dying for one reason or the other, my pots started to get empty. MIL doesnt like waste – so she put some chilli seeds and we had a chilli plant at home. We even saw the first chilli come out and were super excited. Only issue –  small white bugs.


I have usual medicine at home which I spray every week and plants have their soil enriched every month. Tried pruning the plants, spraying medicine – nothing worked.

Meanwhile, the hibiscus plant I bought some 4 or 5 months back had seen 9 buds. I was overfilled with joy. Only issue – same white bug I saw on the chilli plant. I decided to use technology and downloaded Plantix App from playstore.

You take a pic, upload it and the community will tell you what pest the plant has or what disease it is infected with.  My pic got an answer in 5 minutes – MEALY BUGS.

What a relief! I googled around, they are one of the toughest to kill and I have to resort to rubbing alcohol or neem oil. Atleast I know what my problem is – which is 90% solution.

Here’s little more detail about Plantix –

Have a good  day  and keep rocking!


Web Series Review: Gangstars

I saw the AD for this Web Series on a Telugu Channel. Yes, it’s the FIRST Web Series released in Amazon Prime for Telugu Language. It’s dubbed in hindi and  tamil as well, but the actors and the nativity is all Telugu. Nandini Reddy, Ala Modalaindi fame is the creative head and has done the Story- Screenplay while Ajay Bhuyan has directed it.

The Web Series is done by Early Monsoon Tales ( which is a Web Division of  Vyjayanthi Movies) and Silly Monks  Entertainment. Starring popular telugu actors Jagapathi Babu and Navdeep, it also stars Shweta Basu Prasad and introduces Apoorva Arora. There’s a plethora of supporting actors, the main one being Raghu Ramakrishna. The same guy from Arjun Reddy running a sad clinic.


There are various plots in the web series –  A Gangster who is mistakenly told he has cancer,  A couple who breakup and then realize how much they love each other, how success and stardom turn people blind. This is like eating a full plate meals at the best andhra restaurant in the World.

The drama in front of the viewer’s eyes keeps on unfolding and thread by thread the plots keep getting solved. Tbere is no main plot as such, it’s like a bunch of short stories, exceptionally well done. What I would havel loved is the main thread, and the branching of sub plots from that.  The story moves from sentiment, to love, to revenge.  Subtle  things like twitter craze, aversion towards gentral nuetral people have been briefly touched.

Since lot of people associated with it come from film Industry, quite lot of web screen was taken in showing how Internals of the  Industry work.  One of the  things I will remember for a long long time is It’s all a matter of perception.  That ‘s shown in various situations across the web series.

Every actor did an exceptionally well job , especially  Sivaji in the last two episodes. Heriones looked pretty and did what was expected out of them.

Must Watch.

Rating : 10/10 . Catch it here.

Have a good day and keep rocking!


Snacks : Instant Suji Idli

Expect a lot of blogs in this category while i try to dabble in kitchen and try to make something.

This one is easy recipe, and preparation time is hardly 10 mins.

  1. Suji and curd ratio is 2:1
  2. roast suji with little ghee.
  3. Add cashews, tempering (chana dal, curry leaves, hing and jeera).
  4. Mix everything and leave it for 20 mins.
  5. Add baking soda/eno and set the dough in idli plates.

Serve with any chutney.

Saanvi hated the curry leaves and loved the surprise cashews in idli bites. Give it a try!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Snack : Sweet Potato Cutlet

So, Saanvi’s school started. One of my most favorite activities in life is to serve her after school snack and watch her eat. Chitter Chatter with mouth, Pitter patter with legs. Thats her age now. First week of school so far been okay, she waiting for the friend she lost in UKG to come and join her.

So, I wont go into the nutrition profile because I believe every food is good, unless eaten like a glutton. Instead of enjoying all the things nature has given us, why should we start counting like misers? Eat more, Eat local. That will take care.

Coming back to recipe.

  • Boil sweet potato. Remove peel and mash it once cooled down.
  • Add 1 tbsp rice flour.
  • Add all regular cutlet items such as amchoor powder, coriander leaves, salt, red chilli pwd and coriander powder. You can go little fancy and add any spice powders you fancy.
  • Make patty shapes.
  • Roll it in bread crumbs and shallow fry.

No matter how you make, the cutlet will have light sweet flavor because the main ingredient is sweet potato.

Saanvi loved the snack and I loved the happy expression in her eyes 🙂

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Aadhaar Card in Nagawara

So, Guys – I figured this out quite recently and it’s been a God Send.

On the way to Elements mall – there’s a small building just before Elements mall where the wall is all painted RED with “A1 GOLD”.  That’ Gowramma Complex in Saraipalya.

First floor , you have Pooja Enterprises. They are a Private company running all Aadhaar services along with many others like Passport, PAN, etc. Typically they work alternate days, weekends get really crowded. Weekdays –  less than 4 or 5 people, expect your work to be done in 30 minutes maximum.

Below is the guy’s details –



Also, quick details on the info I gathered for kid’s aadhaar card –

  1. Below 5 yrs, no study certificate needed.  Just need Date of Birth Certificate for kids, and Parent’s aadhaar card.  Bear in mind, the kid will get the same address as parent, and the card will get delivered to the same address. So if you are like me – with a wrong address – first get yours updated. That should take 15 days to reflect online. With that new aadhar card, you can go ahead and apply for the kid.
  2.  Above 5 yrs, same process. An extra document is required – Study certificate from School.  This has to be signed by Principal with green ink.

They are charging Rs. 300 for new Aadhaar card for kids, and I think it’s good if we can get it done before this one  closes down.  I’ve seen many private centers close down already.

P.S.   –  I’ve put all the information I know in the post.  Please don’t bombard me with more questions, I will be forced to ignore.