Breakfast : Instant Bread Dosa

So, I have this loaf of bread staring at me last saturday.  I’m a stickler to make new recipes with the same ingredient, don’t ask me why. So, I decided against the regular sandwich and went for Dosa.

Verdict  – 5/5,  make spicy chutney for elders.

Both my kids loved it, and for once – I had no persuasion to be done. It didn’t have the sweet flavor, despite all similar items added to the batter. It takes total of 10 mins to take the batter ready, and you just need bread, rice flour, curd, besan and Eno.


I picked this recipe from here :




Web Series Review : Lakhon Mein Ek

So, this one has been flashing on my Amazon Prime quite often – but I skipped it every single time.  Yesterday put kids to bed, and flipped mindlessly through Prime. May be, I should watch Newton? Another episode of The Mentalist? I thought too much prejudice against the quality of web series is not good. Afterall, I had the goal of watching all good web series that were ever made in India. So, I decided to give it a try.

How did it turn out?

Lakhon Mein Ek Web Series

Pretty good.

Things that worked well – Ritwik Sahore( the boy who the girls fight first in Dangal movie to prove they are ready to face the world),  Background music and no-bullshit display of reality without drama( depressing), length of the episodes and the climax.

Things that didn’t go well –  Having a Tamil name for a coaching center run in Visakhapatnam. We have Srinivas, not Srinivasan. I also did not understand how a mother can never ever guess what the son goes through. Some conflict there would have made it more realistic.

Biswa plays the role of a lecturer and is quite contrary to what he is on stage for stand-up comedy.  I haven’t seen a smile emerge from his face, and the beard looks super cool on him.  Ritwik Sahore – What a find! From playing the boyish look to the depressed to hopeful to suicidal to determined – he has nailed it all.  What an effortless display of emotions! He is perfectly casted along with Jay Thakkar and Alam Khan.

The show is dark, and shows how coaching centers take advantages of gullible parents who want to get their kids into IIT, and what happens when the kid isn’t just cut out for it!

The theme of the web series is summed up in one sentence  – “It’s OK if you don’t know what you want. You should know what you don’t want”.

Rating :  4.5/5


Web Series Review: Time Out

I watched the Ad for this, while streaming my daughter’s peppa pig on youtube. I’ve earlier watched “It’s not that simple” and “Untag” on voot – which have fairly sensitive topics dealt with reasonable maturity.  6 episodes, 25 minutes each – Picked up and finished in one go.

So, what’s this about ?  A 30 something guy living life for don’t know whom.  When his wife tells him she’s expecting and a day before – he discovers his father’s affair of 8 years when she dies : He locks himself in bathroom for a full day.  What happens next is very very interesting.  You have to see how the drama unfolds in front of you – slowly, little by little and predictable.  The situations between the lead pair are good and they play them to the dot – overplanned wife,  no-say husband and friends with a couple with twins.

The best part was to potray what went through father when his affair of 8 years gets discovered – his wife files divorce and his son refuses to talk with him.  The way he explains – how he had the easy way out, and is proud of his son to take the harder path :  I empathized with him, even though it sounded very contradictory with my own belief system.

When the lead actor follows his heart, many things fall into place.  His job, career and finally – more understanding wife.  Just that, his struggle looks so easy to us, it’s almost laughable.  That’s the most unconvincing part of the whole web series. Where’s the struggle?? Also, what I never understood – Why can’t someone pursue a hobby to keep themselves creatively fulfilled, and have to set out the find the meaning of life? I think because they can afford to do so.

Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias are the lead pair, and they look awesome. All the supporting cast have well chiseled looks,  ultra modern dressing to please your eyes.

It’s a one time watch. Review – 3.5/5

Short Film Review : Lift

Do you guys like Imtiaz Ali’s direction? I do.  The way he brings up nuances in love, life and relationships is very realistic and scary.  Don’t believe me? Watch Tamasha. What has Imtiaz Ali got to do with the review of this short film?  This short is written and directed by Ida Ali, 15-yr old daughter of Imtiaz Ali. Shot entirely in lift – this got good digital medium coverage, around the time of release.

Duration of the film is 12 minutes. It’s about a love story that starts, drifts away and restarts in lift.  Apart from the the fact that, we only get to see  characters coming in and out of gift, I frankly did not find anything novel or gripping or breath taking.

Watch it if you must.  Rating : 2/5



Short Film Review : Girgit(The Chameleon)

If there’s one thing you are going to watch on the Internet today – Watch this 😀

The premise of the short film is a pair of policeman trying to help a guy bit by a dog. Depending on whose dog bit him – the answers policeman change and how! There are more subtle things – if you have the eyes to notice 🙂   It’s based on an old play and does perfect justice to it through its gripping narration.

Rating : 5/5

Book Review : Sapiens

This book was on my kindle, along with it’s successor Homo Deus when I brought it on after reading them on Bill Gate’s book recommendation list.  I’ve not read history after I finished my schooling, and haven’t developed any appreciation towards the topic.  My first tryst with books about history is Guns, Germs and Steel – written by Jared Diamond. That explains why Western Civilization is at the forefront and is a classic. It took me quite long to complete it, and I vowed never to pick up another book on history again. But, here I go – staring at Sapiens book.

Last weekend was a marathon reading, I finally completed the book. The author traces last 70,000 of human history and how Sapiens became the only race to sustain on Earth. He treads from Hunter Gatherer era to Agriculture to Empires to all kinds of Wars/ Revolutions. Mere 400 odd pages cannot describe what we went through as a civilization, and he did just touch upon a lot instead of going through the intricate web of politics and socio-economic influences. The last chapters of the book end on a philospophical note of where we are going as a Species, and ends with –

Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?

Couple of revolutionary ideas he tries to present are – Agriculture is worser than hunting, Money and the whole idea of credit, how powerful myths hold societies together and why capitalism is the real fuel behind today’s world and how it won’t disappear anytime soon. He also talks about our biology and biochemistry. Famously –

Lasting Happiness comes only from serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

A closer look at human brain reveals that all the wars and conquests we did – did not keep us really happy.  Every person comes with a set frequency of happiness and oscillates between the two at a given point in time.

I did find the book fascinating, and learnt that this broader perspective is very important. It touches upon how we made other man and other species extinct with recklessness.  Although I don’t quite agree with everything he said-  particularly Agriculture, no harm in reading alternate opinion.

There is one particular thought that stuck with me long after I put the book down.  Scientific Revolution – acknowledging that we do not know enough, and trying to find answers has put Europeans at the fore front. Their inventions made them better than others, which in turn gave them more foothold on the earth. I think the most important statement anyone can make is – ” I don’t know” and then proceed with all the resources and effort to find the answer. The results will be truly astonishing, as history has proved time and again.

Completely recommend for all the beginners. Try reading it in 2 hour stretches, it gives you time to ponder over.

Rating : 4/5


Web Series Review: Dil Buffering

So, I happened to watch this new web series by Bindass on their youtube channel.   Here’s the full 10 episode and couple of promos for your viewing –

This web series has 10  Episodes with length of 11 minutes each : 110 minutes. The length of a Typical English movie. Premise of the web series is a  die hard romantic who is looking for Mr. Right while jumping from one guy to another like a kid jumping on puddles on a rainy day. Except, here you don’t know what she is escaping!

I have quite lot of reservations with the way this web series is made.  The first episode starts with the main character breaking up with his over-the-top boy friend , during live streaming. After which, she  – for some reason does not mourn or feel sad.  Instead, starts thinking of whom to date next.  Particular turn off on how a particular branch of medicine is treated and make the b**t of  jokes. ( Practology). Guys – seriously?!!

I dont particularly have problem with the girl being die hard romantic. At one point, she gets a guy too-good for her whims and fancies. And still she continues — to be her stupid best. That’s the biggest drawback of the series.  I waited and waited – she will show a sensitive side, deeper side and reason why she-is-how-she-is. I was expecting too much.

All cast – good looking and restrained. Trying very hard not to act, and do only so much as told by the Director.  No comments on the lead pair or all the unfortunate guys who appeared in each episode as main female lead’s date.  They just picked the wrong script.

There’s only one thing that anyone can learn out of this – Anything that comes with the premise of Love and has lengths of 10-15 minutes, please spare yourself and stay away!

And the sponsors of the webseries – Micromax and Sofy.  Please replace the person who decided where to put the product placeholders in, totally out of the place and forced on the audience.

Rating : 1/5, that’s just for the star cast.