Kettyolaanu Ente Malakha [Movie Review]

After years of staying up late and missing my routines –  I had taken a few resolutions  and trying really hard to stick to them. One of them is sleeping on time and sleeping enough.  But, once  in a while  – you want  to go back to who you are. Your roots. Your fitrat or  what really keeps  you alive.  As kid learnt guitar at elfwood, I sat on the sofa after a day full of running around for some useful and some not so useful things.  My eyes wandered over the main section of Prime Video and I settled on this Malayalam movie. Simply because I had watched the two recent blockbusters  –  Sarileru nekevvaru and Ala Vaikuntapuram lo , typical Telugu style( If you know what I mean;)  – I was craving for something very simple and free flowing.  Saw good review online, and  started  watching.  Night after putting kids  to bed –  I sat and finished the movie.


The storyline  is really simple. A overaged guy who’s never been with women gets married.  Not knowing whom to ask about consummating and being comfortable with women in general –  he falls into the overhearings between his drunk friends, all with failed marriages.  In that influence, he commits  marital rape which knocks the girl unconscious.  The beauty of the movie is the dialogues that comes  out of Asif Ali’s mouth after this  incident.  He does  not understand what he has  done, and asks  her not to make a big thing.  And  there  is  surrounding narrative where the women in  a scene tell that  this  is quite common, although people don’t faint on  a daily basis. And another woman wonders how and when she had the 3 kids she’s raising today.  Asif Ali’s character is  built pretty well –  he is mis informed, not with malicious intent.   Veena’s (wife) character realizes this slowly and painfully.   The  last scene left me  in tears, and forms the  crux of the  movie.  Absolutely brilliant.

I loved how  the native life is captured beautifully – the  costumes, the mannerisms  and everyday life.  Althrough the movie, I felt it was  happening somewhere around me and not on the  screen.   My only pet peeve was that,  the  character has his journey and changes his perspectives. However, not everyone can – and little help taken should have been part of the narrative.  It is good to watch, but nothing to take away for someone in that position.

The movie can be compared to a stream which is flowing slowly and steadily.  It grows over you – there are no loud moments, no melodrama and no judgements.  Just as water changes it course when it hits a rock –  Asif Ali’s character changes it’s perspective and learns his way with the women.

Review –  4/5

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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