Avani Day Trip from Bengaluru

After a  week after the trip to Avani, here I am to chronicle the journey and the trek.  As  Vinod  was about to leave  on his usual business trips, we made an impromptu decision to make a day trip to Avani.

This is a place of GREAT historical significance to Hindus. A Lot of important scenes from the epic Ramayana have happened physically here. For example, this village  hosts the place  where  sita devi had left the world by breaking open the earth into  two and going into it,  patala ganga, ashwamedha yagam,  her delivery place, feeding place and the place where she did  her  chores.  The hair on my body stood up when the guide showed us the  finger prints of  sita, caused by continuous usage of kumkum from the kumkum rack.

Here are some pics from  the  trip –


As we reached Ramalingeshwara Temple@Avani foothill, a local approached us and proposed to be a guide to take us to the temple uphill.  We are glad we went with him. The trek was a moderate climb with around 800 steps.  To talk about it, my 60-year old father in law and 5 year old younger daughter also did the  full climb.  There are places we can rest, and the steps  have  been carved out of the mountain and rocks around.  The temple on the top has  a priest and is maintained  quite well.  We took a water bottle and luckily the weather was very pleasant.  On a hot day, it would be really  difficult to do the climb with the age groups we went with.  Was  it worth it?  Every second of it.

For breakfast and lunch, we picked places enroute.  For lunch, my special recommendation is Maiyas in  the mall on the  way back to Bengaluru.  It is detour, but given the quality that is  so doubtful on the roadside dhabas – it was  worth it.  We left at 8 AM and were home by 6 PM.  It is around 100 km from Bengaluru and a very highly recommended one day trip.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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