How to make a habit and keep it

Hello, my dear readers! End of 2019, a miracle has happened. Yes, I managed to workout for 36 days, and I write this post as I finish my day’s workout. Does that qualify me enough to write about this topic?

Let me explain.  There is no better teacher than failure, and there is no better student than the one who is still trying after being in the same class all his life. I am that student, and trying to lose weight is the lecture I’ve kept failing since my teens.

I’ve started workouts and stopped,  started eating right and stopped, stopped watching online content at nights and started again, started sleeping on time and stopped  – only to see the few kilos I’d have lost come back on me with vengeance.

I’ve always been a believer of process, more than the results.  With Charles Duhigg’s book ( The Power of Habit)  proving most of my theory right, I experimented on my self for workouts.  I can confidently say that my new workout habit is decently formed and will stick for many many months to come.

So, how did it happen?  Couple of hard facts, first.

  1.  Its easy to talk, rant or crib without actually working out.
  2. We will never have enough motivation to get up and start working out.
  3. We will always have enough work to do, just enough to skip working out.
  4. Making Assumptions that we are special enough with special enough problems, which is why we can never get the results( without trying, ofcourse!)

This is what I told myself to get rid of these  mental blocks –

  1.  All talk and no action means nothing.  There has to be a plan to achieve a goal.
  2. Habits are the remedy for lack of motivation. Strong habit system has to be built around the goal.
  3.  Its all about the priorities, and how badly we want a thing to get done.
  4.  There is nothing unique about me as an Individual, and all the excuses and roadblocks I keep feeling is what everyone encountered when they started.

Here is the habit system I’ve created for working out –

  1. Find a time when you can ALWAYS make it.  For me, it’s morning 5 AM to 6 AM.
  2. Pick a goal.  For me, it was doing ShoulderStand for 15 minutes & working out for 30 DAYS without fail.
  3. Have a tracking.  I had the days written out and pasted, and every single day I worked out or not –  it got recorded there.
  4. Be Patient.  When I get up at 4ish to get ready for yoga,  every day my body feels different. Now, its very intuitive for me on what foods have what kinds of effect on my body. But, still – work with what you got.
  5. Push yourself.  My head told me 1000 different reasons why I should not be up so early, why can’t I workout after family leaves to work and schools, and don’t I deserve more sleep?!  The blackmail has no end. I just ignore everything and blankly go on the mat to start my warmup. It works, IT ALWAYS WORKS.  Just push yourself to finish the day. Every single day you finish, the voice gets feebler and feebler.
  6. Take it easy. Exactly the opposite of Point 5,  there will still be days where you really won’t or can’t do the workout.  Just don’t worry – pretend that day didnt happen.  Next day, get on with the habit, making sure you dont skip for more than  2 days in a row. Cos – the voices start to get their strength and all the habit you are struggling to create will vanish into thin air.
  7. Don’t chase the results, chase the process.  Build habits to make the process happen and keep doing.

As  I finish my 36th day of workout – this  is the best thing that has happened to me in 2019. Finally understanding that it all comes down to this –


Results will come. They have to, may be slowly. But, they sure will come.

If you’ve survived till here –  Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year! 😀 😀

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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