Adventure Rides and a Timely Lesson

As part of our short Mysore Trip, we went to Planet Earth Aquarium.  Pretty awesome place, worth a trip for anyone with our without kids. Practically, anyone who loves nature.  When Saanvi celebrated her birthday this year,  I wanted to book her a slot in a sports zone in Marathahalli, as part of her birthday activities.  Adventure Activities – I wanted her to try from a long long time. She is 9, and I always thought she should be more forthcoming to activities like these.  Mr. V spoiled it as  usual, and we spent the day watching and eating.  Ofcourse, kids loved it.

So, when I saw the adventure activities in this Aquarium, I ofcourse wanted them to try.  Saanvi had stomach ache a little, but I know the main reason was her extreme cautiousness to try anything new at all. But, as she saw Vihana all ready and getting her gear on,  she was really, like literally forced to go – thanks to her younger sister already attempting it.

It took her exactly 10-12 minutes to finish the 5 set of adventure activities. They walked on high poles and zig zags an went through tunnels in the sky and slid through the rope.  She looked uncomfortable all the while doing it, and also for a while after she came back. I deliberately avoided any discussion about it at all.

After we drove back home, and I was getting the girl all freshed up – she made a remark.

Mom,  the adventure  activities are the best thing I did in Mysore  Trip!

Mind you, she chose these over her  Water Park activities  and the extremely awesome Jumbo Circus we saw over  the  trip. When I quizzed her,  she said – she was really scared to try, but she did. And She liked it that she did. I just told her one small thing –

Everyone is scared.  You are also, but you do it anyway.

She said,  “Really Mom,  I thought I am the only one.  I feel I dont try new things, I am scared more. Look at Vihana, she wasn’t scared a bit!”.

Its my turn to talk now. I took her close to me. Looked into her eyes, and told her while I stroked her hair –

“Darling, everyone has a natural style.  Your style is to be cautious, her style is to jump.  In general, they are not harmful. But, some situations – you need to tell yourself that it’s okay to be scared and you do it anyway. In some situations – she need to understand it’s okay to wait and let go of few things. We can’t experience all, due to various reasons!”

She further said – “So, is it not a bad quality in me? “.  I said = “Ofcourse not! It’s who you are. Embrace it and be vary of when you feel like not doing things! And If you really feel you dont want to do something, it’s absolutely fine in Life. Its really beautiful when you are at peace and are happy with yourself!!”

A grin and a warm hug.  I’ve gotten more than what  I wanted.  That is why, Life lessons are learnt outdoors, never in front of TV or buried within the school textbooks.

Btw, anyone in and around bangalore – definitely give it a visit. Here is the link.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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