The Cost of Convenience

I sometimes briefly touch upon this topic in my blog to stress how my life is changed by the things I opt and I don’t.  My last topic on this was having a cook at home and getting used to her tastes, while being not sure of where the extra time was going away.

This time, I am back with another pet peeve – albiet a bit big.  Kid’s badminton academy is shifting far.  She trains thrice a week and its 300 metres  from home. All was well so far. And it’s  shifting to a place that takes atleast 1 hour by  commute to go and come.

We had an urgent parents meeting,  and I found myself there among the 3 parents who attended from the entire parents gang of the academy!  The resident coaches said Big Basket was taking over for the Warehouse and Academy would move. A smile crossed my mind.  And a faint memory of  a story where a group of people from all religions travel and finally who doesn’t raise  his hand to save any religion gets killed, only last.  I did not ask any questions.  Just sat there for a while, contemplating where we are going.

I read The Ken and they had a fantastic article about Big Basket a while ago on how it’s  betting really big on subscription services via BB Daily.  Read it, ignore it.  Then not long – I saw a kiosk by BB Daily guys in the apartment. Their deals were tooo good to ignore and no minimum order for a subscription on any given day. Check the night before, and viola – it’s delivered to your door step the next day between 5 and 7:30 am.  Was I thrilled? Not really, because I tend to go out everyday for one reason or the other and  I was really fine not getting delivered anything last minute.  Yes, once or twice I ordered stuff only to use up the balance sitting in the wallet.  But, I see bbdaily baskets all through the apartment and can make a guess that atleast 10-15 homes might be ordering from him everyday morning. So,  ofcourse he needs a warehouse closer. What better than a spacious badminton academy in the middle of hustle and bustle?  It’s stone’s throw away from Bhartiya City, Sobha City, Vajram, R R and many more upcoming high rise apartments. Who’s paying the cost?  May be not the guys ordering stuff home – but kids who now have to travel far for the same training at the same academy.

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Just that, the question is who is paying the price?  If not one way, other way – every one of us must pay the price for the  conveniences we think we need.



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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