Love, Lust and Confusion : Web Series Review

So, there is a Galaxy App on the S8 which is a world of it’s own.  It prompts me some really cool stuff to watch and do – across spectrums.  The other day, it recommended me to watch this and I downloaded viu and lost my 2 days of sleep to finish this off.


So, after catching up a rare afternoon sleep which surprised my family and got me back into the day, here I am reviewing the web series.  What did I like?  Almost nothing. What did I not like? Almost everything.

To start with, the leading lady has a journal of people whom she wanna share her nights with, before starting her journey as the wife of a man she has known ever since she was small. Why can’t she just do that before getting engaged? What’s the fun in flirting after being engaged to such a nice and  focused guy. In the lead lady’s words – a perfect package!

All the characters are disoriented and  there is not a single likeable personality in the entire show.  Don’t get me wrong – the actors did what they are exactly asked to do – Tara Alisha Berry, Robbie,  Molly,  Stereotyped parents, Nikita, Rajat and the gang.  I’ve been a fan of Rajat after Little Things, but this one i felt he was replaying his role of a dumb guy who just falls and has no clue of things happening around him.   I pity the star cast to pick this as the launch pad and part of their professional journey.

A music band taking in a bathroom singer, a perfectly normal conversation steered as male chauvinistic, and the compulsive sad ending at the end –  How I hated most of the stuff happenning in front of me!!

4 Shots Please was much more real throughout, although the end was disappointing. I’d now rather close all OTT Apps and just wait for Game of Thrones Final Season streaming next month!!

Rating – 2/10


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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