Stuff I Love : tiktok app

I uninstalled it late in the day today as I write this  post.  If you want to witness human creativity in any form – regardless of gender, age and any parameter you can think of –  this is the place to go!

I joined it for fun, and tried to watch few videos.  It’s quite addictive and the people are oh so good! God knows how long it should take for them to create each, but this one’s closely linked to their insta handles and people take it very seriously!!!

If you have time to kill, instead of watching movies or web series –  tiktok is a better place to spend. Simply because, fresh faces and amazing content!  The content varies from songs, dances, dialogues and duets ( 2 users together doing one of the above mentioned).   found my time on the app increasing day on day. As the phone gets dangerously low on space, I have no option but to let this extremely-fun-and-timewasting app to go away!

Download it, follow few users and make a few tiktoks!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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