F2 : Telugu Movie Review

After long, entire family of 6 was in theatre last sunday to catch up with the latest telugu blockbuster F2.  I was told it will be a laugh riot and people were laughing non stop for the entire duration of the film.  So, how did it go?


One guy married for 6 months to a sister, another guy about to be married to another sister – elope to Europe along with their neighbour who is maintaining 2 wifes to escape the torture of females in their lives. Nothing wrong with this.  The problem is , the director could not make up his mind on who is wrong until the end of the film. We are given lecture at Nasser’s house on how husband is the only person in wife’s lives and they should say “I Love you” when they are happy with wife and “I am sorry” when things go wrong.  Nothing wrong with the plot – except the basic premise is incorrect.

The ladies shown in this movie – Harika ( Tamanna) and Honey( Mehreen) are typical ladies who would want to make husbands dance on their tunes. There is no concept of women equality or husbands  not understanding their  wives. The director  clearly depicts the ladies as shrewd, cunning and cut throat.  So, for once when all the male characters jumped to Europe –  I thought the preaching is for ladies, for a change.

But, thats where the film fails. The entire film goes in one direction and the climax exactly in the opposite.  There are quite few episodes that are old, cliche and unlaughable – vennela kishore revenge, the collapse of bridge and prakash raj letting some random guys into house on the pretext of writing his biopic.

I found the plot wafer thin,  actings over board and entire sequence of events illogical. There are laughs scattered, however I have become more matured audience to entertain this kind of cinema I guess.  Leave you logic at home and be prepared to see the old wine in a new bottle – the only way to watch this movie.

2/5 for the comedy tracks in the movie.

Have a good day and keep rocking!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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