The Joy of Taking Pictures!

Over the  new  year, we went to Shivana Samudra falls. Although the water level was depressing to see, and we wondered how authorities can be so indifferent – there was one guy who came to us with DSLR.  “Sir, 30 rs photo! ” .  In the age of selfies, who takes a picture for money?  I saw him roam around 10-15 people and everyone just shooed him away. He  came to us hopefully, as we were a big group and had elders in it.  I wanted to get one clicked anyway, and I nudged hubby – ” Let him take one! It’s just Rs. 30!!”.

Finally we all stood  at “THE SPOT”  where the photographer takes the pics. Few pics all of us, few pics 4 of us.  We went to the place where he was taking instant pics – and the size we wanted  was Rs. 200 😀  30 rs was more for marketing which I fell – after few minutes of husband’s glares and us protecting ourselves from the groups  of monkeys surveying for anything to lay their hands on – we finally had the pictures in our hand.

Hard Copies!!!  It was such a pleasure to see the pics. They came out real good and there  was some kind of satisfaction in holding your memory in your hand rather than bits and bytes. Once In a while, I think we all should indulge in getting photos clicked and getting serviced – although this is the generation of self service 🙂

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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