Movie Review : That Girl in Yellow Boots

I couldn’t sleep that night. It was 10 days and my cold hadn’t come down, and the new exercise routine I started was aching. But, more importantly – I just finished watching this movie and was wondering what the central character in this movie must have gone through.  Enough said, there was no sleep for me that night!


The people whole likes to watch good cinema must be indebted to Kalki koechlin. She is the main character in the movie, and has co-written it with her ex husband Anurag Kashyap.  The plot is wafer thin. A British lady comes to India to find her father, who left them when she was 5 years old. She has no photos since her mom tore off  everything, after the elder sister kills herself.  How Ruth struggles in passport office,  her ways of earning money by illegally working in a massage parlor and her tumultous relationship with her boyfriend.  She doesn’t speak much.  Her treatment of her boyfriend, how she develops a nice bond with the elderly guy who comes for Massages, played by Naseeruddin  Shah show the tender side of Ruth. Come what may, she is determined to find her long lost father, and keeps donating the hard earned money to the institutions she needs the details from.

When Ruth discovers who her father is, you wish she never came. You wish she never took the pain. I personally wanted to shut out the laptop and go for a walk.  The film stays with you for very very long time, on how inhuman people can be, and what a crime for a dad to be that.

Watch it, only if you can handle stomach churning endings. For the rest, we have Sallu bhai anyway 😉

Rating – 10/10

Have a good day and keep rocking!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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