Web Series Review : Girl in the City Chapter 2

So, this one came out mid 2017 as a sequel to Girl in the City in 2016. That one was in itself an average affair, so I was interested to see what the makers are upto.

Talk about going from bad to worse. This web series directed by Samar Iqbal is 13 episodes long, and each averaging to 15 minutes. The most noteworthy thing are the advertisements plastered all over so shamelessly.  Avan from last series gets converted to Areem, and his brother who again run a fashion house and use her as shadow for ever-running-from-home Areem.  What follows are screams, insults and non committal kartik coming back to Meera and going away.  As if the makers have realized they are going to lose the audience, we have a look-stupid date scene with the Brother and some oh-i-think-its-funny scenes that made me yawn.

The series should be labeled – “Siblings in the City”  because that’s what it’s all about. The ending – where Areem has a heart change is because her brother will lose faith on her, nothing specific to how fantastic Meera is as a person, or at her work.  The characters are forced on you and they never grow up. Episode after episode – they do the same thing on the screen, just different clothes and locales.

Karanvir Sharma and Preetika Chawla play the siblings and they are good actors wasted in a horribly bad script.  Mithila Palkar is only to blame to do a sequel which is not even as good as the first one. Why choose the same script with different characters?

Thoroughly disappointing affair, just stay away.

Rating:  4/10

If you still like Mithila’s hair , catch it here –


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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