Web Series Review : TVF Tripling

I had TVF App and was following their content closely, when this came along.  This web series is 5 episodes long and each has a run time of 30 minutes.  This is about a road trip you take with your siblings – played by Sumeet Vyas( Chandan) , Maanvi Gagroo( Chanchal) and Amol Parashar(Chitvan), ably supported by Kunaal Roy Kapur (Pranav).

So, what’s this all about?  Chandan is divorced and jobless. He comes to meet his younger brother Chitvan after years and they embark on a road trip to parent’s house via Chanchal’s sasural, all because Chitvan is being chased by Bank for non payment of his Car’s EMI.  They discover things wrong at her in-laws place and one thing leads to other – all the three siblings leaving her home in the middle of night.  They lose their way, have a bonfire only to get their car stolen very soon and end up in a Police Station. Frustrated with each other, they arrive separately at mom and dad’s place.

They find no messages, no rona dhona but instead bunch of foreigners playing Ligori, as part of their home stay. They don’t ask what’s going on with their kids and trust them to take on life’s challenges as they come. All the want is to leave a place which makes them happy when they come.

Aesthetically shot, awesome music and mind blowing performances. I like Chitwan’s characterization the best – fun and easy to watch. Veteran actor Shernaz Patel shines in the last episode as a bindass mom.  Watch it when you are reminded of your siblings – it will be fun for sure!

Rating – 10/10

Catch it here –



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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