Web Series Review : Inside Edge

The last memories I have of watching cricket are in my school days. With my dad on my side and popcorn on the other – we watched India – Pakistan nail biting matches. This was the only sport I grew up watching – however I’ve played lot others like Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Volley ball during my childhood. Come Salwar Kameez, I put a voluntary stop to all my sports and became a book worm instead. I know I know, it’s not about me right?  Yeah, but some things have the impact of bringing back your sweetest memories, and if I don’t pen them down here – what am I doing? 😉

Inside Edge is an edgy 10 – episode web series primarily starring Vivek Oberai, Richa Chadha and Sayani Gupta.  Each episode is 45 minutes long, almost twice the regular web series episode run time.  There’s so much drama and story that unfolds in front of you – 45 minutes just goes away like a breeze.

This web series is about Mumbai Mavericks, T20 Cricket Franchise playing in a fictional Power Play League.  Richa Chadha is the owner of the franchise and is shown looking for a new co-owner. Meet the ruthless, suave Vivek Oberai – who has love for money and only money and plays all his moves to get more of it.  The cricket team has a dashing sports player, a cool headed captain, a bihari new comer and a bihari veteran who knows how to respond to betting interests.  How Vivek Oberai lures the team into betting, and how young talent is trapped despite their best efforts to get out – and how the noblest of people have their deepest, darkest secrets played out against them.

I thorougly enjoyed this web series – it is not fair to reveal any story line here.  The entire thread involving Sayani Gupta is awesome – how numbers reveal what is not visible to plain sight, and how tech can be used to plan strategy against your rival teams. Gone are the brute force days.

I’ve become a fan of Richa Chadha after this web series – added a line item in my bucket list to see more of her work.  Absolutely fantastic work!

Review: 10/10

Watch it on Prime here –




Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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