Web Series Review : The ‘Other’ Love Story

I watched this quite some time back, this web series won the NYC Web Fest 2016 and got nominated quite few places.  Directed by Roopa Rao, this is released by JustLikeThatIJLT)  banner on YouTube.  JLT is founded by Harini Daddala, who is an independent film maker based out of London. JLT is an online platform that wants to create space for indie filmmakers that challenge the parochial mindset.

So, by now you know that this web series is not a ‘regular’ love story but ‘other’ – the others we shun and look down on – lesbian love story.

Directed by Roopa Rao, this series casts Spoorthi Gumaste and Shweta Gupta in their lead roles.  Shot in 12 episodes, each has a length of approximately 10 minutes.  So, how did the web series fare?

One Word :  Poetry.

There are many things you can write – how well developed the characters are, and how things develop over time and people around you notice way before you do about yourself, and how the society as a whole has a deep rooted stigma and will do anything to keep you “normal”. The ending is heart breaking but that’s how we are as a “Society”.

Background score is absolutely brilliant, and hats off to Roopa Rao to give us a web series like this – one that haunts you long after it’s done watching.

Rating : 10/10

Catch it here –



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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