Web Series Review: What the Folks

So, I told you –  this is another web series I watched some time ago. Produced by Dice Media, this tells the story of a young “DAAMAAD” who comes and stays with his in-laws for a short while. That includes a celebration of his in-law’s  30th anniversary and some startup work for him.

The web series has Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra as the newly married couple,  and supported by Vipin Sharma as father, Deepika Amin as mother and Anula Navlekar as the ever bubbly sister.   It has 6 episodes, each with a run time of 20- 25 minutes.  Shot mostly either at home or at a coffee shop – the web series is a delight to watch. Here are some highlights –

> Vipin Sharma.  His sense of humor and how he makes the makes mundane situations laugh worthy. He is the biggest asset of the webseries. His pairing with Deepika Amin and their conversations can easily be passed on to my parents, and anyone’s parents with 20 years of marriage behind them.

>  Clear real life examples on how “DAAMAAD”  can get away doing anything at home.  Very relatable.

>  Realistic potrayal of a family – no regrets on anyone’s part to be how they are.  They fight, bicker and makeup. All in an hour’s time. They know exactly how each other feel and support without being asked.

So, these are all that worked.  I liked how the main protagonist Veer Rajwant Singh shifts from new-in-the-house to let-me-help-you to helpless-i-am to  treat-me-like-your-kid  as the episodes progresses.  The best part is reserved for the last, after which he remarks to his lovely wife – “It was brutal”. Watch it to find out why.

There’s a separate thread on he & his boss trying to find employees and how they talk everything under the sun.  That thread is left open, but this web series surely closes the thread on Veer getting received as a family member who gets reprimanded for swear word, rather than being told – “Hota hai, beta!”.

I felt Eisha Chopra’s character a little over the top, atleast for my taste.  Other than that, quite watchable – few laughs surely assured.

Rating : 9/10

Here you go for the entire web series –



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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