Web Series Review : Rise

So, I realized that I have watched waaaay more web series than I have reviewed here.  It’s not fair! The next few posts are only going to be Web Series reviews – because I like to keep trial of what I do. Well, mostly 🙂

I’ve been a fan of Vikrant Massey since I watched A Death in the Gunj. That left me in quite melancholic and pensive mood for quite some time. I liked how he potrayed the emotions – the camera was on his face all the time.  So, I naturally picked this one up – with him in the lead role.

Shot as 4 – part web series produced by Ultra Shorts, it shows the life of an IT Professional who goes through a layoff and then embarks on a roadtrip with his dream bike to figure out the meaning of life. It also stars Shishir Sharma as the endearing father who is not bossy but more friendly. It has great supporting cast in terms of a office colleague & friend – played by Kumar Varun and Atul Srivastava as a mid aged uncle living his bollywood-scene-recreation fantasies. It would be much more apt to call Atul Srivastava as more of a co-star in this web series than a supporting actor.

“Road has all the answers”  –  father urges son to take a roadtrip on the Ducati he was brought after 5 years of saving his salary only to be laid off from work on the same day. Few things I liked in the web series –

>  The Lecture Vikrant gives about how “Developers” are superior to “Testers” and  how one gets laid off after doing the automation that is responsible for his layoff.  Quite candid and true.

>  Conversation between father & son ( Shishir & Vikrant).  It shows how parents can still have their way – it’s all about how you say it, more than what you say.

>  Quite Unapologetic Mr. Sharma’s characterization.  When he farts, and ridicules Vikrant in front of the entire dhaba – he is ruthless.  He plays his act very convincingly.

>  All the scenes where Vikrant is thoughtful, listening or crying. Those are the best scenes,  where you see the “Actual” actor in him.

Having said that – I found the web series a lot melodramatic for it’s story line.  Just getting laid off doesn’t throw someone so off life – not so for a guy who is so driven in life to buy a 8 lakhs bike.  It has to be real bad – breakup, parents divorce, debts and layoff.  Atleast, then I will understand the central character has really hard time and he needs to unwind.  And no –  please deliver your message wrapped in humor or sarcasm.  Long drawn philosophical conversations – seriously!? Who has the time to listen all those? Atleast not me.

For a roadtrip, I think we deserved more picturesque locales apart from the ever handsome Vikrant on the screen all the time.  Rising is good – but a good beer ( you know, beer is a way of life! 😀 ) and some references would have done his job. If he is so talented that he can automate all the stuff he is been doing and gets laid off – which means, he can get a job elsewhere. And 5 years of experience sure gets you some contacts, don’t you?

All in all – I could watch it due to Vikrant Massey.  Skip it if you are not into philosophical conversations.

Rating :  2/5

If you are still here,  here’s the link for you –


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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