Web Series Review: Time Out

Voot Timeout Webseries review

I watched the Ad for this, while streaming my daughter’s peppa pig on youtube. I’ve earlier watched “It’s not that simple” and “Untag” on voot – which have fairly sensitive topics dealt with reasonable maturity.  6 episodes, 25 minutes each – Picked up and finished in one go.

So, what’s this about ?  A 30 something guy living life for don’t know whom.  When his wife tells him she’s expecting and a day before – he discovers his father’s affair of 8 years when she dies : He locks himself in bathroom for a full day.  What happens next is very very interesting.  You have to see how the drama unfolds in front of you – slowly, little by little and predictable.  The situations between the lead pair are good and they play them to the dot – overplanned wife,  no-say husband and friends with a couple with twins.

The best part was to potray what went through father when his affair of 8 years gets discovered – his wife files divorce and his son refuses to talk with him.  The way he explains – how he had the easy way out, and is proud of his son to take the harder path :  I empathized with him, even though it sounded very contradictory with my own belief system.

When the lead actor follows his heart, many things fall into place.  His job, career and finally – more understanding wife.  Just that, his struggle looks so easy to us, it’s almost laughable.  That’s the most unconvincing part of the whole web series. Where’s the struggle?? Also, what I never understood – Why can’t someone pursue a hobby to keep themselves creatively fulfilled, and have to set out the find the meaning of life? I think because they can afford to do so.

Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias are the lead pair, and they look awesome. All the supporting cast have well chiseled looks,  ultra modern dressing to please your eyes.

It’s a one time watch. Review – 3.5/5


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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