Maaya : Web Series Review


Vikram Bhatt has ventured into Web Series, and below –

Maaya – Slave Of Her Desires


Maaya, a brand new web series is an erotic love story set in the world of BDSM. Starring Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta and Veer Aryan, Maaya is filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s first web series directorial.

It’s set in the world of BDSM. ( Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission). A Lady who is a sub by nature. Husband has no fetish for BDSM and the lady doesn’t reveal.  Being shunned twice – she decides to put it in back burner. Until she learns of this website skin dot com where people play the fantasies live.  From there, starts the drama.

Well written. Acting of the lead lady actor over the top – but the two guys : Husband, and The Dom Guy is top notch. My heart sank when I saw the suffering husband underwent in the entire series.  Crime element actually upped the series – otherwise would have made it soft porn.

It’s hard but share. Your secret fantasies first with your husband.  Anything else – is a perfect recipe for DISASTER.

I could not justify the lead lady actor’s role – even after a week of mulling over it.

If 50 Shades of Grey makes you puke, just stay away. Otherwise, neatly done. Give a watch in entirety when you have good 4 hours to waste away.

Rating – 3/5



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