Web Series Review : Humurously Yours

My long lasting wish this year is to develop a web/ mobile application that will tell me about upcoming web series in all languages, let me follow the companies producing them and provide more space for these actors/ directors in digital.

TVF Play is one of my favorite hangouts because of the variety of their content. TVF Tripling I binge watched after it was done. This is the first time I’ve followed the web series to get updates to watch it everyweek.

You can watch it for free here –


My rating –  4/5

What worked?

Endearing personality of Vipul Goyal as a struggling standup comedian, husband to a strong female and someone who cannot handle fame as it comes.

Cameos by Famous Standup comedians such as Kanan, Kenny and Tanmay. It makes the whole web series so real. You wouldnt look at a standup comedian to live in isolation.

Relatability to life in general. The effort Vipul & Life make to get a parking spot. The trip they both make that make to Goa.  Big Learnings in small events, every day events.

What didn’t work?

Length of the webseries. I would expect little more twists and drama. It’s more a combinations of stuff than precisely focused on standup comedy.

Vipul – man, you rock!!!  Looking forward for the next series. Hopefully by the time my app will be in beta too.






Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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