Short Film Review :Be An Indian


After a grilling call with my seniors where I had to take a lot of action items on me and with a hungry tummy at 11:45 PM at night, I wanted to finish my today’s quota of short film. Stumbled across this one, they got it right.

You don’t need to have reasons to love your country, respect elders and treat fellow country men as brothers and sisters. Very beautiful sequencing of events, and the end is good.

Rating: 5/5


Movie Review : Pellichoopulu

Finally, after very very long – managed to go to a movie with family. Superb!

Enjoyed the refreshing honesty in the movie’s lead characters, and the way they do not change till the end. No drama – but all the conflicts conveyed and addressed superbly.

Kudos to the hero’s friends for keeping the movie light, while some heart tugging scenes fill up tears in your eyes.

Must watch!