Night out with neighbor

Hmmm.  We just moved in, and our neighbors are a live-in couple. I met the bong girl first time when we did the house warming ceremony. We spoke for 2 hours, which is quite weird. I knew lot of stuff about her at the end of the meeting. After we move in, i hear stories about her when my elder one saanvi starts spending hours and hours with her, show her dance, paint with her. She has been extremely good with saanvi. Yesterday, she’d come home and we spent quite lot of time together. Actually, from evening 9 to morning 5.

Its endearing to see how she opens up and tells her on how she’s given an ultimatum to the guy about getting married. He’s gone home and she wants to clear her head.  She’s eight years younger to me, and i had enough experiences in my kitty to tell her what’s practical and what’s not.

Here are few nuggets from the wisdom i’d imparted her in the wee hours of today –

1. Eventually you always move on. When a spouse of 30 years dies, the better half moves on. They dont die with them. Time is the biggest healer. Time also needs some time to do the magic.

2. Stuff needs hard stop. No whatsapp, no messages, no lunches and no sleep overs. There is nothing called amicable breakup. Its a hard thing and it can be respectful communication – but eventually DNC is just that  – DO NOT COMMUNICATE.

3. When two people  break up – it doesnt mean either party is wrong. It just means – they are different enough that they cannot foresee a peaceful life together.  By breaking up, you are doing yourself and the other person a huge favor by letting them be.

4. If you are important – you will know. If you are in the priority list – you will know. Never be in a relationship where you are not a priority.  Balance is fine – but trust your gut.

5. Every person is a lesson. Cheer up, smile and move on 🙂

6. If you are practical – you always are. But, we cannot assess for ourselves when we are in deep shit. So, allow people to help you. That doesnt take anything away from you..

I have done a lot of things i am not proud of.  I just want to record this, so i know i’m not as dumb i think i am, always!

Good day and keep rocking!!


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