Musings from Corporate Life # 1

I crack down under Stress. The list of  never ending stuff just screws up my brain and it eventually loses its capacity to perform any meaningful function. How to prioritize stuff and people? Everyday, I start with list of activities to perform, but end of the day my to-do list would have gotten only longer and with more stress. I also realized that with no clear idea on the R & R, things can slowly get worse – because you do something as you can see it falling apart. But, at the same time, the stuff you are responsible for – that doesn’t get done. While I spent most of my saturday worrying about stuff that I was accountable for and didn’t get done – I had this strange realization today.

Stuff never gets completely done. And end of the day – when your appraisal comes in – you need to show what you have accomplished, not what you have helped someone else accomplish.

I think I missed out this simple point. Also, I have realized that it’s easy to get bogged down when you are thinking more about the tasks rather than doing them.  Let me for a change be a DOER first and then THINKER Later.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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