Share, share and share

Share, share, share

Share if you care.

Share your pear.

It will make you dear.

Share your food

It will make you good.

Tortoise shares with hare

Oh, its so rare.

Share with your sister

Hello hello mister.

Share share share

Everybody share

Sharing’s a good habit

Even if you’re a rabbit.

I know, i owe you an explanation for thr above.;) saanvi has poem recitation today and i delayed teaching her until night 9 the day before. So, i reached out for google and told her to learn ‘hey diddle diddle’. She said – ‘amma, why dont u create one for me,!’. That is the best thing i have heard in the recent past. We spent next 15 mins coming up with rhyming words and making sentences out of it. She learnt it well and slept off. Me too, with a great satisfaction.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


A Lot of times..

My Facebook post today morning reads –

No matter where you find yourself in,there is ALWAYS something you can do about it. And sometimes, doing something is actually not doing anything about it. ‪#‎learnings‬ ‪#‎corporatelife‬

I’ve newly joined an MNC in the capacity of a Delivery Manager. I’ve worked in Delivery before, but never in such an ambiguous  situation.  My lack of ability to plan things well has been amplifying the ambiguity even more. Cannot wash dirty linen in public for obvious reasons – but today morning I got up a little early and spent time thinking on how to make things better. And where I am possibly going wrong to end up where I actually ended up.

  1. Set up clear priorities at work and at life. What does that mean? Simply, first decide what are your  R &R . Roles and responsibilities. Make a list and re-visit and agree with your boss at home and at work. Ask if this is what you are expected to do.
  2. Plan atleast a week in advance. Resources – in office, what people and where? At home – what grocery and what to cook? Be ready on sunday.
  3. Communicate. A lot of times, what you assume might be wrong. There is already work being done which can help you. Or you can ask for it. EVerytime, check the assumptions before going ahead with your own master plan.
  4. Take things seriously and yourself easy. You are going to make rookie mistakes, and given the mid management position you are in – damn you do, damn you don’t.
  5. Always always always send the status updates. Never be in a position, where other people are wondering what exactly you do at work. A very bad pace to be in, in front of your peers.
  6. There are always going to be opinions on how to do things, and how to do them better – when you are doing them. Learn to ignore, unless they are really useful.

I can go on and on..but time to start the day!

Have a good day and keep rocking.






Musings from Corporate Life # 1

I crack down under Stress. The list of  never ending stuff just screws up my brain and it eventually loses its capacity to perform any meaningful function. How to prioritize stuff and people? Everyday, I start with list of activities to perform, but end of the day my to-do list would have gotten only longer and with more stress. I also realized that with no clear idea on the R & R, things can slowly get worse – because you do something as you can see it falling apart. But, at the same time, the stuff you are responsible for – that doesn’t get done. While I spent most of my saturday worrying about stuff that I was accountable for and didn’t get done – I had this strange realization today.

Stuff never gets completely done. And end of the day – when your appraisal comes in – you need to show what you have accomplished, not what you have helped someone else accomplish.

I think I missed out this simple point. Also, I have realized that it’s easy to get bogged down when you are thinking more about the tasks rather than doing them.  Let me for a change be a DOER first and then THINKER Later.