Book Review: Serious Men

With my latest resolution of reading only indian authors for a couple of years – i saw manu joseph appear in couple of lists. So, i picked up this one and was completely in agreement with the lists he was put in.

The story revolves around institute of theory and research, where brahmins live in the pursuit of truth, while their dalit secretaries give them coffee after spitting in it. Welcome to manu’s world. A funny, comical and scarily real depiction of real world.

His depiction of a father’s attempt to prove his family a life beyond BDD chawls, the odd affection between director and his wife, how he falls for a women half his age and how people love to see others fall, even though wrongly.

The best part of the book is – you dont get angry at anyone although what they do is ethically and morally wrong.manu takes you through their lives, heads ans hearts so effortlessly.

My favorite character from the book is obviously Arvind Acharya, who lives by word and has no regret for whatever he whispers in pope’s ear.

Some quotable quotes from the book –

1) If you stare long enough at serious people, they will begin to appear comical.

2) among those lovers were married people, some of them even married to each other.

3) the decay of a man, he told himself is first conveyed to him by his wife.

4) here sanity was never overrated, and insanity never confused with unsound mind.

5) the end of an ox is beef, and the end of lie is grief.

6) ROUND TABLES were oval even in the Institute of Theory and Research.

7) Everything that people do in this world is because they have nothing better to do.

8) The success of an old man lies in not wishing for company.

9)The dedication of passwords was the new fellowship of marriage.To each other, couples had become furtive asterisks. Nothing else has changed about marriages ofcourse.

10) the fate of every love story, he knew very well, is in the rot of togetherness or in the misery of separation.

11) A man cannot be exactly the way he wants to be and also dream of keeping his wife.

And many more i chuckled on, but never highlighted on my kindle. Get your hands on it, go for a ride!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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