Meditation : Day 20

While i waited for the cab to come and drop me at work, i saw a beautiful message that came to me from a whatsapp group –

*Why Meditation is necessary?*

Please read below from Medical Angle.

From the time of our birth till death the heart works continuously.

*Everyday the heart pumps 7000 litres of blood, of which 70% blood is pumped to the brain and the remaining 30%  to the rest of body.*

The blood is pumped through veins/arteries which are about more than 70,000 km long.
The strength required to pump the blood up to 42 ft high and weight of 1 tonne is generated by the heart everyday through its work.

We take rest when we are tired but if the heart takes rests for 4-5 mins we will have to rest forever.

*How does the heart work so much efficiently and effectively?*

Heart works effectively because it follows a discipline. In normal conditions the heart takes 0.3 secs to contract (systole) and 0.5 secs to relax (diastole). So 0.3+0.5=0.8 secs are required by the heart to complete one beat (1 cardiac cycle).That means *in 1 min, the heart beats 72 times which is considered as normal heart beat.*

During the relaxing phase of 0.5 secs the impure blood travels through the lungs and becomes 100 % pure.

In some stressful conditions the body demands more blood in less time and in this situation the heart reduces the relaxing period of 0.5 secs to 0.4 secs.Thus in this case the heart beats 82 times in 1min and only 80% of blood gets purified.

On more and more demand the relaxing time is further reduced to 0.3 secs then only 60% of blood is purified.
Thus 20-40% of impure blood is pumped in the veins/ arteries.These impure components (cholesterol/lipid) gets deposited on the walls of arteries/ veins and thus the elastic nature of the veins and the arteries is lost. So they become plastic in nature.

After some time due to the above conditions the veins/arteries become rigid. Now if a blood clot travels through the veins/ arteries (which in normal conditions gets easily passed away due to the elastic nature earlier) gets blocked and resists blood flow in that area. This results in a blockage which further *results in Heart Attack.*

From the above discussion, we can easily realise that the main reason for the heart problems is the increase demand of blood by the brain and the body.
When the activity of brain is stimulated it demands more amount of blood than that of normal conditions.

*To stimulate the activity of brain 25-30% of diet we take is responsible whereas the remaining 70-75% is due to the thinking, emotions, attitude, memories and other processes of the brain.*

So, those who want to keep their heart working effectively for a long period of time they should protect themselves from  – worries, anger, sadness, emotions, sensitive behavior, stress and hurry.

To protect ourselves from the above, few things *there is no MEDICATION available!*
So, the only option is

How i was glad i read this message? And how good i felt to kickstart this habit in my life. Day 20 today. Not bad. The cab driver insisted on playing kannada radio despite my repeated requests not to play anything for 10 mts. Not very helpful day, but nevertheless – didnt break the chain.

So it is always said :



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