C25k : week 1 day 3

I’m not suffering of forgetfulness, thank you for the concern. After vinod’s adhoc trip gave me two days break from running, i wasnt sure of my capabilities to progress to week 2. So, did week 1 day 3 again today.

Few things i wanted to note down as part of today’s mind musings. When i woke up, I was like – “chuck it! I dont wanna go!! Instead, i will do these bunch of low priority things around the house.”.

Then, another voice in my head said – “as you do a lot of other things for which you neither have talent nor passion, just join running there. Atleast, you wouldnt have to face the bad mouthed mrs. Guilty aunty who will appear at inappropriate places such as popping sweet into mouth or when you’re staring at where you’re fat.”

So, i liked this argument and went downstairs. Now, if you remember – i was trying to run with arijit songs, which is seriously wtf. I had 2 saavn playlists downloaded offline – running and walking.

Now how do i keep myself entertained? All through 8 rounds of 60 sec jog – 90 sec walk, i kept alterating between running playlist and walking playlist. This just kept me so busy that i really dont know if my body was able to run comfortably. Never mind.

Along the way, i saw the usual bunch of people – groups of old people, one particular man who appears with milk from temple and insists on morning-walk-non-brushed people taking it, couple of solo-middle-aged-women-i think im-walking types. I felt good. How many of these went through the thought process i went today?

The novel by upamanyu chatterjee has a very unique effect on me. 60 pages left, not sure if i can verbalize my review for this one!

Days are rolling.  Just felt like saying.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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