Meditatiom : day 14

As the day unfolded yesterday, i found myself in a series of thoughts that were useless and downright damaging. The day unfolded quite badly. So, i wasnt expecting a lot from today’s session. However, pleasantly today was good, i was able to concentrate on my breath for atleast half of the time.

Downloaded headspace app. Will give it a spin from tomorrow.


Meditation : day 13

Saturday. Woke up late and started my day with meditation. Saw that my mind wandered off quite lot of times during the 9 minute period. Yet, find a certain peace that i’m  carrying with me throughout the day.

I only wish the thoughts can pass by, instead of dancing on my mind center stage.

C25k : week 2 day 3

Effortless. Felt awesome. Managed to run 6 rounds of 90 seconds. One pet peeve : should add stretching before and after the running practice. My brother kishore, a self trained marathon runner sent me a video. Should try n watch it for tomorrow-s run.

I had a weird thot today. As i slept late, i wasnt sure to wake up for run or not. A voice within me told – these are the only 30 minutes you’re actually doing something for yourself. How can you give this up??!!!

Good day. A little apprehensive of starting week 3 which has 3 continuous minutes of running. Try tomorrow!

Meditation : day 11

Woke up with a bunch of useless thoughts. Figured out what they are, during my 10 min meditation session. The app calm has 9 min free guided meditation. Today was about body scan. I discovered my head felt heavy and very jumbled. Likewise, a lot of body parts had no sensation. Never mind, the lady said.

I’m super proud of the fact that I’ve finished 12 straight days. Ah, the perks of journal keeping – it allows me to have vanity on slightest of things!

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

C25k : week 2 day 3

As a result of not taking prescribed medicines at prescribed times, i felt really sluggish today morning. There were other stuff to sort out in brain – and i knew that this run practice is my best friend for that. Got 2 more playlists from saavn offline and went off.

5 rounds were a breeze and i think thats what killed the 6th one. Didnt manage to run at all. Never mind, i told myself. Its all about showing up consistently. Its all about patience and practice.