A few more reads..

With the privilege of spending 2 nights at Jain hospital again, I utilized them to the maximum by reading couple of more books. Here are, for my record keeping purposes –

a) Naughty Proposal by Shanaya Taneja :  Just avoid, unless you want to read just plain erotica with no plot. I so hated the book, for the author’s disregard for the readers. Shanaya Mam, I don’t mind reading erotica – as long as it’s within the plot, not when it’s the plot. And the climax suits for a typical bollywood b-grade movie. Which has lot of sex in it, and in the end needs to justify it’s existence. Crap.

b) Scandalous Housewives by Madhuri Banerjee :  Surprising interesting and novel.  I liked the way in which the author justifies all the scandals the housewives are involved. You quite empathize with them in the end. Few things that stand out are how everyone thinks they are raising their kids the best, and how a simple act of jealousy can screw up things for a whole lot of people. Applaud the author for picking up really sensitive things, and not turning it vulgar. Has erotica, and have gleefully skipped those pages for the actual story.

c) Our impossible Love by Durjoy Datta :  This book is a classic example of cooking so much stuff that your guest is overwhelmed.  In the end, he doesn’t know with what taste he leaves the dining table. Durjoy has picked up really awesome topics to explain his concepts – date night rape, gay brother and unconditional love of parents. In fact, the parents angle in this book is too refreshing to see, since usually they are the ones potrayed in bad light. I wish he had picked up few topics and drove the point even better. Nevertheless, a good read.

Next on the list are God of Small Things, Interpreter of Maladies and Palace of Illusion. Waiting in my Kindle. Gotta go!!!






Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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