The books I read..

I keep reading books out of sheer interest to keep my mind occupied with thoughts other than my own. While it hasnt exactly served me well, for i have the misfortune of reading aome really aweful books – sometimes, its good to go blind and pick up an author that is good on goodreads and you have never heard him.

As i finished my recent book – The mahabharata quest by Christopher Doyle, i felt short changed. The story simply didnt end. And i am not sure to track the sequel’s release and read it. Anyway, the official reason for this post is praise, not rebuke.

Where the rainbow ends – by Anurag Anand. 200 pages of pure fun. Witty and very well written – i finished it in a day of my journey from and to whitefield.

And the book is ao damn good, I came back to write about it on my blog. Grab it and read it. I am going to spend a little of my fortune and read all of his books one by one.Until he decides to be a bore or vinod finds out about my book escapades on amazon.

See ya guys. These days, lot of things seem to inspire me to come back to my comfort place of the blog and begin ranting – I am still lazy. But, stay around. The super posts are coming your way soon!!