An article everyone should read: Posting Kid’s Pics to Facebook

As part of my casual weekend reading, I turned to late night yesterday and was shocked to read a DISGUSTING article. Don’t believe me, read for yourself:

What the … ?? Facebook, a platform where people share their personal photos are being targeted in such a vulgar manner. The more I thought, I wanted to QUIT Facebook and every social media platform out there. Better safe than sorry?  Or shall I start treating Facebook as an unknown ocean full of  dangers, and put in only selective things – like a small fish going around afraid of life all the time?

I’m always for technology. I believe technology in essence is not bad, we just find more bad use cases for it than good. So, although one part of me wanted to quit Facebook – the other said: Use some caution. I decided on the second one.

First thing after coffee in the morning is to open Facebook, waste few minutes looking at updates and then go straight to Privacy Settings. I’ve updated as below –


Guys –  Please don’t post your kid’s photos for likes, and social approvals. If needed, post it with strict privacy measures. Keep rocking!!