2015 Reading List

As usual, I started my new year with a book bang.  This year, I plan to read indian authors, and books on indian history and politics. 2015 will be all Indian for sure 🙂

1. 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck  by Ashwin Sanghi ( 2-Jan-2014)

Short Review : Good. Reading the book made me happy as I already possess a lot of the attributes Ashwin mentions,.


Happy New Year!

I’m not a big fan of dedicating few days of the year as special, and devoting to making useless resolutions which will not last for few days more.  I’m guilty of making countless resolutions and breaking them. The correct word to use is abandoning them almost silently over a course of time as if they never existed. And one fine day – everything comes down real heavy on me : How can I be so irresponsible? Let me make a new resolution again. I’ve gone over and over in this vicious circle all my life.

I read a lot. And that is one of my saving graces to this disastrous resolutions game.  Over years – as I read and re-read at countless places along with the book “The Power of Habit” , I now firmly believe that  Man is a creature of habit.

So, through out december, I was on constant observation and introspection mode. I wanted to pick few cornerstone habits that will help me get back on track. Here is what I plan to do –

a) Short breaks:  I tend to continuously work or take part in activities until I get bloody tired. And then it’s only 7 PM and I still have a long day to wind up. All the while I have been pretending to be too busy to take any rest. My december analysis shows that somehow I am resistant to take rest. Funny but true. Given the fact that I am up by 5 PM maximum on every day – I surely need some break. This year, I am going to inculcate the habit of taking breaks before it stresses me out.

b) Excercise:  I am a big bang person. Either I excercise 45 minutes or do nothing. With job, family, toddler and baby – forget about 45 minutes, I don’t even get to think about it. The pregnancy has taken a toll on my weight – In fact, I am heaviest in my entire life NOW. So, I always have that nagging feeling of the need to get fit. What’s the habit here?  Do some excercise EVERY DAY.  It can be a pushup, a squat or some basic yoga poses. The more I do, the more I would want to do.

c) Read in entirety : Ever since Note3 has been part of my life, I read a lot on mobile. A lot, literally. My feedly is overwhelmed with the number of sites I have subscribed to. 5 minutes of free time and I try to squeeze an article. I have more than have a dozen mobile news apps installed on my phone, which only adds to my woes. So,  what exactly is the problem? Not being able to concentrate and read an article in entirety. I lose interest mid way – whatever the article is. I personally DO NOT LIKE ITi. It  shows lack of focus. This year – I want to read less articles but read every article in entirety. I do not know where I picked it up 😦

d) New Tech Skills :  To my embarassment, the excel vba course I’ve purchased 3 years ago is still lying in my laptop. Umpteen no.of times I’ve started it, and like everything else abandoned it midway. This year, I plan to learn Advanced Java(J2EE) and App Programming. A habit has to be underway to learn 30 minutes every single day.

e) Do more of what I love : I love to watch movies. I almost watch zero Television but have a strong belief that some of the most creative and intellectual brains of our era are in movies. World movies, Regional and short – should watch and relish.

f) Read : Being more of a non fiction reader, I wish to switch sides for this year. Biographies and fiction will dominate the list. I will pick an author and read everything he has written.

g) Things & Places – A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

As I write this – I realize that all the resources needed to accomplish the above habit are with me. Thanks to Charles, I know the process behind forming a habit and how to get it done. This weekend will be the detailed planning week as to how I go about adding these habits to my life.

All of you reading this – think of one habit you can add to your life and JUST DO IT!

Happy New year 2015! 🙂