Couple of New Recipes

As I stay at Chennai and saanvi keeps roaming around me, I have no other way except to try new recipes to spend some time. These are some recipes I’ve tried and they turned out really well. As I havent taken any pics, I will not write my own intro, rather share the link directly here –

a) Green Peas Soup –

Find the recipe here. It takes exactly 15 minutes to prepare the soup, and it is extremely yummy. Try it with fresh peas if possible.

b) Apple & Banana Ice Cubes

Find the recipe here. This was done by Saanvi, but I ended up eating as she did not  like the taste 😛

c) Sprouts Cutlet

This is a fantastic recipe from here. Takes around 45 mins to prepare, but will vanish in 5 minutes 🙂

d) Sweet corn and paneer pakoda

Lifted from here,  this. is a very good way of adding sweet corn and paneer to kid’s diet. Saanvi did like it very much and we too :d

e) Pista Payasam

From here, Very tasty and healthy, saanvi did like this one too – only for the first few spoons though 😦 I ended up drinking the rest. Takes around 20 mins to cook. Serve cold.

Happy Cooking!!




Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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