What’s your attitude to the problems in Life?

problemAs a wise man once said,  life is all about moving from one problem to another as long as we are alive. But, how we live is largely determined by how we approach the problem rather than the problem itself.

As my personal introspection deepens everyday, I noticed two kinds of approaches to any problem in life –  Keep giving perennial excuses or DO/ Think of a Solution or way out of the problem. Even if the solution means to leave the situation as it is, and take no action.

My husband is the wisest person I know – and one of the traits that makes him wise is the approach he takes towards things in Life.  100% of the times , his approach is DO, rather than provide EXCUSES. And that directly results in lot of positivity within and around you.  To my dismay, I noticed myself providing excuses and solutions on a random basis as responses to problems. And finally figured out that – ” If you want to do something, you WILL find ways to do it. If you do not want to do something, you WILL find ways to do it”.



A large part of providing excuses comes from habit. And these habits are formed at some point in life – which tells us we are inadequate physically, emotionally and financially.  As we tell these things over and over – the mind shrinks in capacity and never lets us try new things.  Our office staff boy, who gives me delicious tea got recently married.  He is barely educated and earns a lot less. His wife is a nurse, and he has enrolled her in Post Graduate for Nursing. Do you think he has enough money? Do you think his wife has enough time to perform daily chores, go to college and look after the family?  As long as they think – they DO. And that is what brings GOOD changes in Life.

Life is a series of habits playing one after the other TWICE – once in your head as thoughts and second to others as ACTIONS. I devised a simple experiment to catch hold of myself whenever I give an excuse, which was way more times than I imagined.  Upon further analysis, I found that all the things I was providing excuse had a common theme – I was afraid of doing them, due to some bad or lack of experiences in that area.  So, now –  I perfectly know that 99% of my fears are baseless and am not afraid to tell myself back that this is a bad habit I need to kick out.


By doing things step by step. Little by little.  I enrolled myself in Java free course on Udemy, just to get out of the habit of looking at things in a complex way. Everyday, I do 2-3 videos and am well on the way.  Now, I know how to get myself out of an excuse to try new things.

It’s okay to provide excuses, as long as you are able to justify them. Cultivate the habit of questioning your excuses along every step –  you will find them disappear in no time.

Have a good day and keep rocking!



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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