Life Hacks # 1 : The perfect solution to Never Ending Lists

My mind plays  lot of dirty tricks and there are few prominent ones I am only beginning to realize offlate. To combat them, I have started my own secret mission and have consistently used one trick against it, atleast to shut down temporarily. Image   One of my biggest problems is to make ever lengthy lists. I have installed everywhere, and keep adding to the lists and they come and haunt me like a nasty past.  The diligence I have in adding to the list goes into hiding, while executing it.  Then comes the time to be overwhelmed looking at the list.  It is hard to admit publicly, but the list making is one of the best boons and worst banes of my life. Eventually, everything gets done but not after I beat myself up for missing the deadlines, every single time. I finally figured out a simple solution –

Anything that can be done NOW in 2 minutes should be done – Instead of going into the list

It was hard initially. Cleaning comb. The rim of the glass bottle. Responding to a quick facebook message.  NOW! Slowly, I realized the power in doing this.  I tell my mind back that I am no more the person creating useless lists, but actually follow through. A Lot of power is in ACTION. Also, I started using smartly and now apart from “Today” – there are quite lot of entries in “Some day” or “Next Week”, which keeps my mind and mobile battery free for useful stuff. If you have a problem similar to mine, give this a try. It will surely be useful. Have a good day and keep rocking!! Image Credit :


2 thoughts on “Life Hacks # 1 : The perfect solution to Never Ending Lists

  1. So true. I have personally found that a non-judgmental blend of Kanban and GTD works best. Emphasis on nonjudgmental because the stress of it defeats the purpose otherwise. Not getting items off your list is not defeat, it is feedback. 🙂

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