Eclipse error: Unbound classpath container

To get myself back on track and deal with things that haven’t exactly gone as planned – I have started refreshing core java concepts and have planned a bigger track of things to complete in this space.  The company I work with has some great product ideas and what better than learn stuff and get your hands dirty! Targeting Java Developer Certification Early July.  My companion currently is Udemy course I started yesterday. I will be documenting stuff as I learn along – to serve myself later times should I forget.

Eclipse error: Unbound classpath container


Go to : Projects -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries 

select the one mentioned,and click ‘Edit’.

Try selecting Alternate jre or Workspace default jre and click ok.

For me, selecting Alternate jre solved the problem.

Also, one thing I learnt during Installation process  ->

If you want to run Java programs without developing – just install JRE.

If you want to develop Java programs, install JDK which comes with JRE. 

So, later if you get the above said minor errors, you can always troubleshoot.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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