Recipe : barley khichadi


While i get to spend time at home more now, naturally my attention has turned to cooking. Barley is one of the things i wanted to cook from quite long and finally managed to do it now.

Barley khichadi

Barley – 150 gm soaked for 4 hours and pressure cook for 4 whistles
Groundnut and til – roasted and fried 4-5 tbsp
Mustard, cumin – 1 tsp each
Green chilli – 4
Potato sliced – 1
Cucumber sliced – 1
Lemon – 1
Coriander leaves – 1 sprig
Jeera powder – 1 tsp
Salt, haldi – to taste

1. Take pan and add mustard and cumin.
2. Add potato and let it cook.
3. Add cucumber and let it ooze water.
4. Add barley,  groundnut til powder, jeera powder, salt and haldi.
5. Mix well for 5 mts
6. Switch off, add lemon juice and coriander sprigs.

Serve hot. Total cooking time is 15 mts, apart from cooking barley on the cooker.

Everyone in my family loved it, tastes very similar to sabudana khichadi. Give a try and let me know 🙂

Have a great day and keep rocking!!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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