Meditating again..with a master this time.

All through my life, I have been famous for stopping things midway. There are few exceptions to this rule, but in general the new stuff doesn’t stick for long. Things happen and priorities take over.  As I read the book ‘The Power of Habit’, It just made me realize a lot of things each of us knew already – We all are creatures of habit. Once the mind starts craving for the result, the routine just kicks off. You have to stay in the game for enough time to make yourself craving for the result. 

As someone who has started and stopped meditation couple of times in the past, I badly needed to get it back into my routine. Life is stressful and there is no one to blame except me. I always believe that it’s really how you plan, organize, delegate or cut off things from you list so you always stay sane. If you are “busy” all the time, it is highly doubtful that you are very productive.

When I saw the notice board at my apartment couple of days before, there as an AD for yoga and meditation.  I decided to give it one last shot with the master to see if things will change. So, yesterday I started my first meditation class and today second. The whole of the week, I will have to follow through with his instructions and he would be back on the weekend. I am supposed to report him everyday after my meditation that I have indeed completed it. The first 2 days was good, it was guided meditation with audio playing on. As I listened, I realized that the couple of times I started and stopped, the approach was quite different.  I could easily manage 30 mins of yoga nidra and 30 mins of meditation and feel very fresh after it. 

Will keep updating this blog on the journey as it goes, this time with a master. 

Have a good day and keep rocking!


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